Viru tackles reverse swing.

I read this piece in today’s Herald Sun by Jon Pierik, as representative a writer of that paper as can get, about Australia’s reactive plans on scuffing up the ball early in the piece.,21985,24538494-11088,00.html

To which I must draw his attention to Australia’s own Shane Warne’s entry on Virender Sehwag who makes #35 in his list of 100 top bats.

Sehwag was batting with Jeremy Snape for Leicestershire and Abdul Razzaq, who was playing for Middlesex, started to reverse swing the ball, creating all sorts of problems.

“I have a plan,” said Sehwag and promptly hit the ball out of the ground so that it had to be replaced.

That’s what he does when the ball reverse swings.

Just so you are aware Jon.


12 responses to “Viru tackles reverse swing.

  1. ROFL

    On a serious sehwag lover. and a general ardent fan of swashbuckling batsmen – i have noticed how Sewhwag has changed his game since his comeback.

    For the brainless compulsive cutter of on the rise deliveries that he was, he has shown a seemingly impossible trait for him by learning how to curb his raw intent and not fall in a thorougly laid up trap everyone employs at the widish third man or deep point to get him out.

    He is covering his off stump and is trying to score on the legside more, and generally showing more intent on nudging for singles and he looks a totally changed batsman to me.

    I was so revered a fan of this man till Dhoni walked in, but I hope Viru continues this way and romps on for years to come.


  2. chris hutchinson

    He’s extraordinary!

    But he’s not batting differently.

    He trusts the deck and his eye is that of a dead fish.

    He just doesnt seem to look silly in India.

  3. @chris

    And neither does he look silly in scoring 194 in one day at the MCG!

  4. @mohan

    194 in a day doesnt look silly, but gifting Simon Katich a wicket as you slog and throw away a certain 200 ….

  5. And neither in the pre-2003 world cup NZ series… where we witnessed one of the deadliest seaming conditions that tamed every other Indian batsman …except Viru

    And he is not batting differently now? what are you smoking Chris?

    Whatever it is, i guess you better stop smoking it while u make statements like these.

  6. @Alvin

    Sorry to jump in, but please quit harping of the missing 6 runs… the 194 he got was also using the same instincts of his.

    So you, and people like you produce Dravids, and I think one is enough for India.

  7. @Alvin

    Don’t know about you, but I’d personally prefer Sehwag looking silly at 194, six short of a 200 any day, to Ponting looking silly (on any score you chose) having to face Ishant Sharma reversing it on a cricket pitch these days! 🙂

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  9. Chris,
    S Katich is one batsman who makes nothing seem to look silly, Its all sense, But them watching him play is like watching something grow 🙂

  10. chris hutchinson

    I am not a Katich fan so please do not draw me into that statement.

    With regard to the 194 at the MCG, I think i made my point to precise.

    His batting prowess can be seen anywhere. I feel that focusing on his successes only and not viewing them alongside his abject failures allows the argument to steer to the cold hard fact that he keeps getting out of the side.

    As for Katich, you can have him.

  11. @chris

    Thanks for sending Katich to us! But no thanks. 🙂

  12. How about sending Katich back home to WA? We’d loe to have him back — the man is an absolute run machine for NSW.

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