Excerpt from Gilly’s book

The Weekend supplement of Melbourne’s broadsheet newspaper ‘The Age’ had an excerpt from Gilly’s biography. This addressed the slanderous emails floating around that Michael Slater was the real father of Gilly’s eldest child Harry.

Such slander is pretty hard to handle for anyone, let alone one in the public eye. Gilly writes with feeling about the emotional turmoil of the time and one can certainly sympathise with what he, his wife and Slater had to go through.

What caught my eye though, was how he acknowledged the South Africans. The Proteas, whom they were playing at the time, did not once use this distasteful topic as a sledge during the course of his epic 204. This despite the presence of a very visible banner in the stands on this matter.

My question is, would the Aussies have been as generous had the boot been on the other foot? All in the name of mental disintegration of course. Nothing personal you see.

It was around the same time that the Ganguly-Nagma contretemps was afoot. Perhaps not in the same magnitude as miscast paternity, however I expect it would have been just as distressing for Ganguly and his shrimati-ji.

I recall from media reports of the day that the Aussies were not backward in baiting Ganguly with this.


31 responses to “Excerpt from Gilly’s book

  1. chris hutchinson

    Another piss week attack on Australians!

    Your racism knows no bounds.

    Mental disintegration is carried on in many and varied ways. Many of which are distasteful.

    As you imply that Australians are far less likely to be “tasteful” in their sledging, or mental disintegration as Steve Waugh would put it, I would presume you know exactly what goes in every conversation. That you are out there? I certaintly dont know!

    Maybe you should direct your question to Glen McGrath?

  2. @chris

    Why do you take this observation as “racism”? I believe you are being needlessly extreme and defensive in your reaction.

    I think what this post implies is that there are two worlds at play here.

    Here the author of this post has presented two strands of ‘evidence’ to suggest that while the Australians got stuck into Ganguly for a slanderous piece of news relating to Ganguly, they appreciated (and indeed expected) that the slanderous news concerning their own wasn’t used as a sledge-opportunity by the South Africans!

    On the basis of this one might conclude that there are double standards at play here while also acknowledging that we do not know what goes on in every conversation involving Aussies — after all, what is said on the field is left on the field, unless it is an opportunity for the Aussies to don their collective nappies and whinge to the match referee!

  3. Chris,

    Since you bring up McGrath…I don’t need to presume anything. You need look no further than Steve Waugh’s biography. (You have read it I trust?)

    He commits to print the “parliamentary debate” if you will, between Sarwan and McGrath.

    As Srivats points out (better than I could, I must say), there are two worlds at play.

    For all I know, with ‘Slatergate’ behind him, Gilly probably did not sledge Ganguly based on what he read in the purple press. He may well have maintained a horrified silence.

    However the self-same Aussie team that stood behind Gilly at the dark moment of ‘Slatergate’ was not averse to delving into Ganguly’s personal life at a time when he was doubtless feeling besieged and vulnerable.

    Aren’t these double standards?

    I am sorry, but however I slice it, I cannot see any racism in this.

  4. Chris,

    Racism is probably the wrong word to use. But I see your point. Creating a hypothetical situation seems a pretty silly way to make a point (because it can’t be valid due to its hypothetical nature), but anyway…..

    You see, there are two worlds at play when it comes to racism. Anything we say (as Aussies) is racist. Anything they say (as Indian cricket supporters) is not racist.

    We don’t understand Indian culture very well you see. Just because we think that racism is important part of Indian culture, this is actually just a representation of how little we know about Indian culture. The fact we know so little about Indian culture proves our racism.

    See? It’s pretty straight forward. I have been monitoring these blogs for a while now, and that seems to be how it works.


  5. @JB

    You are flailing your arms in the air quite wildly again! Why don’t you present facts?

    I don’t know about other blogs. But this blog has not mentioned that Aussies are racist. So you are welcome to feel that way if you feel there is legitimacy to the claim that has not been made here!

    Symonds accused Harbhajan of racism. That charge was thrown out, as it should have been, and Symonds has his tail between his legs at the moment. So far, only Lehman was docked for racism. End of story.

    On the contrary, chris hutchinson accused this blog of racism. So readers of this blog are well within their right to pin him down.

    What this blog (and other blogs like this one) have stated is that there is hypocrisy at play here and blogs such as this are well within their rights to point it out.

    You are welcome to counter these claims with strongly supported fact rather than wounded emotional counters.

    Sarcasm and wounded pride will only get you an inch. Beyond that, what matters is fact.

  6. We won Sydney – FACT. But a lot of people on these sites don’t agree with that!

    I have no issue with facts; my frustration with these blogs is the selective use of FACTS to make a point. These sites are basically opinion dominated, which can be rightly ridiculed.

    My response to Chris is based on the view I have formed from such sites (not necessarily this one) and my reply is in that context.

  7. @JB

    I don’t believe ANY site would disagree with the Sydney RESULT. I think your paranoia has gone wild there, to be honest with you. Settle down on your delusions.

    Fact is Australia won Sydney. If anyone has a problem with that, point them to the record book and scorecard.

    What most people have a problem with is the manner in which that result was secured. It left a sour taste in the mouths of MOST fans of the game of cricket.

    If you want to discuss facts, please do. Everything else is in the territory of wild animals.

  8. OK, with regards to Sydney, here is the facts.

    1) Australia won the Sydney test
    2) The result was not challanged in any way by anybody and the result stands.

    So why are we still talking about it? What facts can you draw to my attention?

  9. @JB

    We are talking about it because Gilly whined about it! And yet, in the same breath he said, “Our attitude is the shake hands and leave it on the field”. The only thing he has left on the field is the wind he broke!

    The Indian team and fans have moved on.

    Fact: They invited the Aussies to the IPL and everyone made lots of money!
    Fact: The Aussies are still whinging about it. One is sulking on a fishing trip and another one is sulking in order to make dosh from a book-circuit.

    Get it right you silly silly silly man.

  10. Gilly stated his opinion – nothing wrong with that. You don’t like what he has to say because you are unable to see anyone else’s point of view.

    This is because you are ignorant, biased, judgmental and stupid.

    As for your fact about the Aussies being invited to the IPL to make a lot of money, I think you will find that the IPL teams needed the best players to earn their financial return. It was not out of the kindness of your heart that these players were invited, rather the greed of your wallets. To say otherwise is simply naive.

    Truth is always perpective. And you have none.

  11. Nice to know that you have lost it completely. Previously, it was only a guess that you’d lost it!

    I am comfortable with Gilly’s view — not with the high-pedestal, high-moral-ground stance. I have accepted Gilly’s point of view, not his, and in general, Aussie) hypocrisy. As I said, he left only his broken wind on the field — not his gripes. Yet he claims that the Aussie way is to leave it on the field. Crap!

    Aussies tend to want a halo around their heads. Time to dismantle that. They are as dirty a bunch of competitive individuals as anyone else is. If you accept it, we can all move on.

    The moment you rush to claim the higher moral ground everyone will gun for you — as they ought to.

    And that, you small small small small man, is at the crux of it all.

  12. Fact, average height of an Indian Man 168 cm.

    Fact, average height of an Australian Man 178cm.

    Who are you calling a small man? Get your facts right!

  13. Time out Boys

    Enjoy some sledges from years gone by

    W G Grace was no conceivable standard a good man. He was a cheat on and off the field-
    ——–C P Snow English Novelist

    They have come to watch me bat–not you bowl
    —–W G Grace to a bowler, after being bowled in a social game

    Our Dark Blue
    —-a reference to Ranjitsinghji in The Cambridge review

    Come back and fight, you coward
    —Australia’s Chairman of selectors Peter McAlister after being decked by Skipper Clem Hill at a selection meeting in 1912

    All Australians are uneducated and an unruly mob
    –Douglas Jardine

    Fingleton conducted a vendetta against me all his life
    –guess who Don Bradman!!!!

    Don’t bother shutting the gate–you won’t be out here long enough
    —Fred Trueman to an Aussie batsman

    A corpse with pads on
    —Ian Wooldridge on Bill Lawry

    The injury did confirm my earlier statement that I could play Thommo with my cock
    —Bumble David lloyd after getting hit on the box by Jeff Thomson

    The Indians used to call him Iron Bottom–but he wasn’t–not after all that f333ing curry
    –John Emburey on Botham after a tour of India

    We became the team of can’ts–can’t bat, can’t bowl, can’t field
    –Gladstone Small about his test team 1986-87

    The only fellow I have met who fell in love with himself at a young age and has remained faithful ever since
    –Dennis Lillee

  14. @Sam

    Deserves a post in its own right perhaps?

    With your approval…


  15. D Lillees’ sledge wqas about G Boycott

    No prizes if you guessed it right

    But then Chris Tavare was not far behind!!!

  16. Mohan,

    I bought a book by Simon Briggs for 4 5

    Stff upper lips and baggy green caps
    A sledger’s history of ashes

    Do you want a copy as Diwali present?

  17. Thanks in advance!

    Happy Diwali to you and everyone else who visits this place regularly…

  18. oops!!! the book cost $ 5

    That is what happens while typing and cooking masala dosai at the same time!!!!

  19. @Sam,

    My fav is when Shane Warne called Kiwi’s “wantabe Aussies!”

  20. Ponting has the pained expression of a man in urgent need of the nearest toilet
    –The Guardian July 2005

    Well bowled, you bastard, now give me the ball
    —Tony Lock tries to add to his single wicket as Laker takes 19 at the other endto Jim Laker

    Now shades of Gilly and the Indians!!!

    Yeah–I’d drink with them. Trouble is, you can never find any Poms to drink with, can you, dennis?
    –who but Jeff Thomson offers the Poms a tinnie!!!!

  21. Reason doesn’t work with some …prejudices. It’s an alien tongue.

  22. @Soulberry

    Perfectly said. That was exactly what I was going to suggest to Srivats with a request to him to drop it…

  23. Srikanth Mangalam

    It seems to me that this blog has certain visitors who are the Rush Limbaugh evangelical types! They profess to maintain “moral high grounds” but are the biggest frauds of all….The world needs them too, after all where else is the source of comedy.

  24. Soulberry, Mohan and Srikanth,

    Do you like Fox News? It’s fair and balanced….bit like you guys.

    Whenever I talk to you lot, I remember that ignorance is such bliss.

  25. @JB

    Thankfully, I do not need to “talk” to you! I consider this a significant blessing! If you think you are “talking” to me, Srivats has further fodder for the view that he seems to have formed that you are delusional.

  26. Mohan,

    A very weak response.

    How’s the weather in Melbourne by the way? Don’t know how you could stand all those hypocrites and racists you must have to associate with.

    “Talk”, “Communicate”, “Type”, “Blog”, you later.


  27. @JB

    Hypocrites? Racists? Melbourne? I thought you were in Adelaide? 🙂

  28. Just as a combined gender discussion on matters like childcare, marriage and the like soon degenerates into a finger pointing, all out gender war, it seems immutable that an East-West discussion on matters cricketing must descend into a discussion on race.

    One of the modern laws of life? 🙂

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  30. Wow….having read all the posts generated by the article, my head’s spinning. The initial post made no mention of racism that I could spot (I re-read it twice, just in case). It mentioned some already-documented behaviour by the S.African and Australian cricket teams in two separate incidents, that was all.

    Then Hutchinson comes in with a “week” accusation of racism. JB takes the bit between the teeth and we’re off and running……

    While I wouldn’t suggest for a minute that there are no racist Indians, an Aussie whining about “racism” is such a delicious irony that it must be enjoyed. Keep it up, JB, great value….

    P.S. JB, when the other guy said “little, little, man”, somehow I don’t think he quite intended for you to take it that literally. However, I’m grateful for the information on the average heights of both the Australian and his Indian counterpart.
    P.P.S I’ve yet to meet a Kiwi who wants to be an Aussie……

  31. Slipstream_RacerX

    “Do you like Fox News? It’s fair and balanced….bit like you guys.”


    Fox News, unbiased?!!! Bwahahahahahahaha!
    Check the Fox News in the US of A. The public’s opinion towards the channel is farther from what you just insinuated. Yeah, (sarcasm on) Bill O’ Reilly and Sean Hannity are bastions of “unbiased journalism.” (sarcasm off).

    Srivats and Mohan sized you up just right- delusional, with a penchant for verbal diarrhea. I know Bryan mentioned this before, but when you were admonished for being a “small man”, it had more to do with your “flailing limbs a blazing” attitude than to do with any anthropological statistic. Ironic that we see more excrement spewing from your brown-eye than you accused mohan of.

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