The Stanford Tamasha Exposed!

I apologize for digressing from an enthralling cricket game in New Delhi but couldn’t resist from posting this report on cricinfo regarding ECB’s review of England’s participation in the Stanford parody. It is known that this guy is an egomaniac having desires to conquer the cricketing world much like a typical Bond movie villian. The ECB has realized that he is more like a hindi movie villian with cheaper desires that range from seeking blondes and wives of cricketers to micromanaging cricket games. This venture had all the making of a disaster from the get go and now the end of this fiasco seems all but there. It will not be too long before the ECB put “itself on its knees” in front of IPL and Lalit Modi.

The ICL tournament is going almost unnoticed and with, these recent round of events in the carribean, the IPL really does not have to put too much of fight to ensure that they rule the 20/20 world, atleast commercially.

– Srikanth

3 responses to “The Stanford Tamasha Exposed!

  1. The linke to the story on “The Age” appears below:–on-big-screen/2008/10/29/1224956095423.html

    The problem is that the ECB is caught in a time-warp and have it all wrong. The tight-fist-stiff-upper-lip approach just won’t work with the Asian block. The ECB needs to work with the sub-continent like Cricket Australia has. James Sutherland is an ace executive for CA and understands global cricket-politics really well. Little wonder then, that CA is flourishing right now.

  2. Mohan,

    Re your migraine yesterday , beginning at 3 pm AEST!!!

    Luckily, your boss —and my friend–doesn’t read I3J3–but his son does though!!

    Otherwise, you could end up a full time cricket spectator–just like a call centre employee in Sydney last week–he told the world , through Facebook, the real reason for staying home!!—forgot that his boss was ALSO a friend on the fcaebook!!

    Rest assured–MUM is the word!!

  3. If Stanford is a Bond villain, what does that make Lalit Modhi? Surely not James Bond…?

    I would’ve thought Modhi was more like an Enron exec… In it just for the money, and he is likely to screw anyone, the game included just for a few extra zeroes in his bank account…

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