Record Opening Partnership for Tamil Nadu

M. Vijay and Abhinav Mukund continued their amazing form in the Ranji super series opener against Maharashtra in Nasik by putting on an opening stand of 462 runs. Abhinav Mukund went on to amass a massive unbeaten 300 while Vijay scored 243. Vijay had a successful challenger series as well playing well in most games. Tamil Nadu scored its 600 runs at a rate of over 4.5 runs per over and seem to be on track for a successful season.

Other highlights in the remaining games include a hundred by Robin Uthappa, and a devastating spell of fast bowling by SK Trivedi of Gujarat reducing Saurashtra to 8 for 4.

– Srikanth

13 responses to “Record Opening Partnership for Tamil Nadu

  1. Yeah.. they have made some records.. hope TN do well this season..

  2. Very sad that the TN captain declared before Abhinav could break the TN coach WV Raman’s record for the highest individual score of 313. Afterall it was just 10 runs and Raman would have been proud that it happened when he was the coach. Such are the vagaries of the minds of some.

    M Vijay will now definitely be frontrunner to replace Gambhir in case of a ban.

  3. Vijay has been called up to join the test squad since Gambhir’s ban was upheld. From a selectorial perspective, it would seem that they went for youth. Plus Vijay has been in terrific form. However, I do feel a bit for Akash Chopra.

  4. I was just checking on Vijay’s recent performances. He scored 98 a month back for India A against New Zealand A. He has also scored in Challenger series and yesterday’s double hundred would have clinched it. Good and bold choice. The question of course is will he play in Nagpur. Badrinath is the first choice to get in but then who will open??? I think since this maybe just a one off thing, Vijay should just be blooded. Badri will automatically get in after Sourav retires.

  5. There is a possibility that they might go with Dravid opening and Badri in the middle order. They have done this in the past. However, I’m not saying that is the right thing.

  6. I was hoping for Chopra to be called up.

    Vijay is a not a bad option either. I’m confident that he will click.

    The Best thing to do will be to,
    Try to Open with Vijay, I’m sure it will give him taste of international cricket even though it is an one off opportunity for him. If he clicks we are looking at an option of having a Back up opener for future tours.

    Opening with Dravid is Bad Idea. Infact i think if they have choice, they can push Dravid down the order. He is looking good but not converting it into scores.

  7. Dinesh Karthik got out for 5 on that track?

  8. I hope Gambhir now realizes the gravity of his actions. He has been banned for one test. This may well lead to a defeat in the test at Nagpur.

    The Auzies have been playing to a plan… sledge the bugger with a dispensable couple of folks. What Katich and Watson were doing was deliberate, unprofessional, calculated and despicable. However the Auzies got the desired result. Provoke Gambhir to the level of him acting in a manner where he will be banned. Watson escapes with a 10% fine.

    Hussey actually said that they were targeting Gambhir and it worked.

    The full text of the decision was also provided…nothing there to really argue with .

    In point 16 the judge does concede the following… I am prepared to accept that he had been the victim of prolonged and persistent verbal abuse by members of the Australian team, culminating in a moment of anger that led to his unfortunate lapse. I would add in his favour that the manner in which Shane Watson had raised an arm as he ran past for the first run, could have been taken by him as a mocking gesture, and thereby could have served as the last provocative straw. Furthermore, I accept, as the umpires did, that the actual contact was not serious

    Still…the damage was done and Gambhir has to pay the price. Surely there is a school that we can send the Indians to that coaches them on how to mentally disintegrate the auzies and still pull the wool over the match referee…

  9. @Raj

    There is a guy in the team: Paddy Upton

  10. @Raj,

    If the judge was aware of all these a more appropraite judgemnet would have been to Ban Gambhir for one test, but against the next international test team rather than against the provokers team… Especially given that Hussey has openly said they are hoping/happy that Gambhir will not play against them in nagpur thus improving their chances…

  11. Mohan:

    Dinesh Karthick seems to have forgotten cricket altogether. He seems to fall like the Indian StocK Market.

    I know through a common contact that, he has not lost his head and working strenously on getting back on track.

    I still believe that the Guy has the talent to make a come back. But Like Badri, chopra and others he should just concentrating on scoring consistently in domestic tournaments.

  12. Mohan,

    These cricketers are adults and irrespective of the country of origin, once they cross the white line, they are their own masters of their destiny

    Just as a Coach can not be responsible for a bad shot or bowling or dropped catch, any bad behaviour is their own making–they make the bed and they have to sleep on it

    As you know success has many fathers but failure is a lonely bastard

    When Windies were on a roll against the Aussies, some of the credit was given to Dr Rudi Webster!!!!In your own words, any ‘kothi” could have achieved that success that Clive lloyd had!!

    When Pat Cash won his only major–Wimbledon–everyone from the Dietitian to Psychologist to Masseur got credits–what else did he win after that–with the same team!!!

    However, based on past experience–for effective tactics over the opposition, why appoint Paddy Upton–why not Dalmiya or Pawar or Bal Thackerey or Lalu Prasad Yadav!!!!

    I have forwarded to Mr N Srinivasan, the phone number of International Court of Justice

    +31 70 3022323

  13. Few things for India to do/learn from all of this:

    (a) Gambhir must learn to cop this on his chin. He was silly enough to stick his elbow out. He must cop it. Next time, he will learn to be a bit more subtle and yet continue on in his aggressive way. India needs players like him, Harbhajan Singh, et al, to get under the skins of these louts and hoons.
    (b) I do believe we need a few (more) Asian Match Referees who need to be strict with louts and hoons.
    (c) It is cynical gamesmanship on the part of the Australians to push a guy to the extreme so that he takes the plunge. This statement from Michael Hussey gives the cynical ploy away: “[Gambhir’s] a very good player and probably someone who has exceeded our expectations about how well he has played, we’re sort of hoping he’ll miss the last Test.”
    (d) The Indians must now learn to sledge cleverly and cynically like the Aussies. More of these Aussie blokes should be pushed over the edge. Only then will the ICC move to ban sledging.
    (e) They need Paddy Upton to work overtime on these guys so that they do not react the way Gambhir did whatever the provocation.
    (f) The Indians need to go to acting school or talk to a few soccer players. They need to roll around and act totally shocked and upset and hurt the moment something is said — or roll around on the ground the moment an Aussie player comes near them. Just look at tapes of Hayden in Mohali and Watson at Kotla as exemplars.
    (g) The Indians should complain the moment an Australian opens his foul mouth on the field citing Sachs’ ruling as background context.

    Sachs says: “Yet even if a case can be made out that the time has come to consider whether sledging has any place in cricket at all, one form of unbecoming conduct cannot justify another. However severe the verbal assaults on them may be, players are obliged not to give vent to their anger through physical retaliation. They must respond with their prowess as cricketers, and not with the furious muscle of out-of-control anger. Even a hint of physical retaliation must be strongly dealt with. And captains and umpires should be astute not to allow any badgering which raises the temperature and encourages undue ire.”

    The last statement allows a complaint of the following sort: “This Aussie player has continued to badger me. It increased my ire to the extent that the next time he does so, I will hit him with my bat. That is not a threat. It is a promise. And it that happens, you, Mr Umpire and you, Mr Ponting will be responsible for that, not me!”

    — Mohan

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