“Adjective Watch”: Alive and Kicking!

While we are on the topic of derision, here’s the latest offering from the “Adjective Watch” department of i3j3Cricket!

In his match report, Malcolm Conn of ‘The Australian’ has referred to Harbhajan Singh as “annoying tailender Harbhajan Singh“!

As we know already, several adjectives have been used by the Australian media (Ok! I use the term lightly here) in the last two series to describe players like Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer Khan and Gautam Gambhir.

Fine English phrases/words/terms like ‘Serial Pest’, ‘recalcitrant’ and ‘serial offender’ have been used in the past to describe Indian players. And who can forget that pearl, “obnoxious weed”?

All because these Indian players, who are no more competitive than your average Australian player, just look different and eat different food perhaps?

But “Adjective Watch” confirms that “annoying” is a new one, hitherto unused.

Let us therefore applaud Conn’s efforts here. Given that this has been a long tour for him — on the last tour, he despatched Peter Lalor to do duties in faraway, dusty, dirty India — this hitherto unused adjective was a stunning effort from the great Conn.

And after harvesting a truckload of adjectives thrown at him by the Australian media, Harbhajan Singh must believe that he is like God Vishnu; a God of a 100,000 descriptive names! It just keeps getting better for this proud Indian Sikh!

Meanwhile, Steve Waugh wants 8-1 fields banned in Test cricket! The Foxsports report says:

Waugh wants to ban the brickwall tactic of 8-1 field placings after Test cricket was humiliated on the world stage in India.

“It should be outlawed,” said Waugh. It’s negative. It doesn’t entertain and it won’t bring people back to Test cricket.”

Is this the same Steve Waugh who had a 9-0 field for Sourav Ganguly in Kolkata in 2001 in a bid to either humiliate the then Indian captain or deny Ganguly runs (or both)? That’s right. Not 8-1, but a 9-0 field! At that time, Australian media commentators applauded Steve Waugh as a ruthless man with single-minded determination. I wish I could find a YouTube video of that one to slam in front of Steve Waugh!

This series ought to have been titled “Karma Revisited” or “Karma Redefined”!

— Mohan

8 responses to ““Adjective Watch”: Alive and Kicking!

  1. Where are Chris Hutchinson, Frank, JB, Peter Penna, Elisa, Sampath Kumar and others of their ilk now? Especially Sampath Kumar. Perhaps the lashings that he received here are still hurting!

  2. Siddharth Goswami


    As someone else said on the other topic, it is best to ignore people like Sampath Kumar. Let sleeping dogs lie. This is a vibrant blog. Keep it that way. Dissension and debate is good. Having antagonistic and adversarial positions are also good. However, not of the vile and contemptuous sort that Sampath Kumar brings. He appears to be from the loony fringe. Let him be.

  3. Can these former cricketers be classified as
    “Arm chair critics” or “arm chair analysts”

  4. chris hutchinson


    I just had the chance to see your posting.

    Here I am.

    I have know idea what you are insinuating!

    Perhaps you need to open your mind.

    Making assessments based on your disdain for other’s opinions is parochial and with little personal reward when you go to bed at night.

    If you know Sampath Kumar as I suspect I do.

    You would know his background and question yourself before him.

    Go and enjoy your team’s emphatic victory. I’ll be around watching for the blind barracking that is the infection of all who cannot see both sides.

  5. Even as accustomed as we are to expecting blatant hypocrisy from ex-Test captains, this latest gem from Steve-I-have-a-charity-in-Calcutta-so-I-must-be-an-even-handed-expert-when-it-comes-to-India-Waugh really does take the cake – you really should dig up that 2001 footage!

    On the topic of strange pejoratives, such as “serial pest”, it’s interesting to see just how unoriginal the media are these days when it comes to such terms – it appears as though they latch onto a particular phrase and do it to death until they can find another, preferably more peurile and more easily consumed. “Serial pest” seems to be du jour at present – I spotted a sports article in that dubious rag, the Worst, sorry, West Australian the other day, that repeatedly referred to a sportsman as a “serial pest” for no other reason than because he had repeatedly been a thorn in the side of his opposition on the playing field.
    When the term “serial pest” first gained popular usage, it was used to refer to professional gatecrashers and streakers; now it appears that the media will use it whenever they see a protagonist that they can serve up as the villain to their eager public – even in a profession that disappoints us frequently, the Conns and Saltaus of this world are quite deplorable and an insult to our intelligence…..

  6. Weeds and pests are one thing, but isn’t “annoying tailender” simply a compliment? Many a tailender would be proud of annoying the bowling attack by hanging around longer htan expected. Partisan, but hardly derisive.

  7. JD, you’re quite right, any tailender with an ounce of gumption would take “annoying tailender” as the ultimate compliment, if that indeed were the only term used….but “serial pest” always manages to baffle and annoy me, as much for its crime against the English language as for its inappropriateness :o) – journalistic standards just seem to be dropping so rapidly….or maybe that’s just my (pedantic) observation….

  8. very well right – thanks for this post i really get some good info

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