Jonzing for more India-Australia action

The India-Australia series is over and the India-England one is just about to begin. There is more cricket in store, but are you disappointed that the Border-Gavaskar series is actually over? Do you wish that there was at least one more game? Do you crave to see Ishant bowl to Ponting? or Hayden bullying the bowling??

Leaving the off-field drama behind, the two countries seem to be playing the most competitive cricket when they play each other – matching each other move for move, blow for blow (sometimes, literally). I just wish they start playing a 5 Test series in the future. But, the next installment of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy is 2011 – That seems so far away.

And without the likes of Ganguly, Kumble, Tendulkar, Dravid, Laxman, Ponting and Hayden it may never be the same again… 😦

Guess we just have to make do with ODIs and T20s between these two teams.



7 responses to “Jonzing for more India-Australia action

  1. Yeah…I am going to miss the intense rivalry. But I expect the India-England series to be hard fought as well. Expect it to throw up new rivalries and battles.

  2. And for that matter…The Australia-South Africa series is going to be fascianting. I expect SA to really give Australia a run for its money in it’s own backyard.

  3. Why is the BG trophy scheduled so far away? I mean, we had 2 in a span of less than a year and the next one is almost 2.5 yrs away..

  4. How about 38 yr old Sachin for the last hurrah !! Fans like me just won’t give in.. would we? (however, it is possible for the tests, isnt it?)

  5. Surprised to see no post on the fireworks today.We had not even finished relishing the cake, yuvraj adds the icing…

  6. I agree, it was a breathtaking knock by Yuvi..
    It was a treat to watch.
    Hope he continues his form.

    If Yuvi gets his mind together, the race for Ganguly’s place will no longer find any one else running with him.

    But thats what exactly he hasn’t been able to achieve in last 10 years or so.

    After watching keenly contested games with Aus, it was so interesting to watch England play Insipid cricket, they gave up very easily,

    If the same trend continues in the next couple of games, People will loose interest.

  7. It was not so interesting — I meant

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