They were busy writing books…

The Harbhajan Singh interview… with Harish Kotian @ Rediff.

This interview is 3 days old. I thought I’d wait for some of our own post-series comments to die down before posting this on our blog. Most of you would have seen it, but for those that haven’t it is certainly worth a read!

Two spicy comments that would have most Team India fans in splits:

“I think [the Australians] were busy writing for their books, while we were busy preparing for the [Border-Gavaskar] series.”


I think, actually, [Greg Chappell in their dressing room] inspired us. Seeing [Greg Chappell] in their dressing room fired us. Whatever tactics he knew about our team didn’t work at all. In fact, I think he helped us more than he helped them. I think they came too early and must have gone through a lot under him.

These are right up there with “He hasn’t batted long enough against me, so I don’t know,” which Harbhajan Singh said in December 2007 when he was asked what his advantage was over Ponting!

— Mohan

14 responses to “They were busy writing books…

  1. Ugh. Let the Indian curators prepare a bowler’s paradise and then we can all shout all we want. Until that happens, I am loathe to hear whatever our cricketers say.

  2. @Shrinath

    Like Perth, 2008 you mean? Or like Mumbai 2004? Lose the chip and put away the tall-poppy syndrome, mate.

  3. Mate.. wats wrong with you , didn’t you know that Indian quickies bowled better than the Ozs in this series.

    if we had green tops, we could have beaten then even more comprehensively.

    when did you watch cricket for the last time, Is it when India toured down under in 1992. then May be you are right.

  4. @ Raghuram and Karthick

    I will believe it when they have consistently proven themselves. I am not saying that they are bad. But they are still not the best either. And I don’t have a natural bias.

    @ Karthick, in 1992 I was playing second division.

    The greatest improvement I saw was Zaheer! He bowled his heart out and is also becoming a thinking bowler! I wonder when we will produce a Akram.

  5. No egos here mates! I just want them to excel in all conditions. Cold or hot!

  6. @ Shrinath..

    We will produce an Akram, only when the likes of IK Pathans will not be celebrated over the top and will be let grow on their own (in fame and stature, both).

    I am often scared of the nightmares of Sharmas (read Ishant and Rohit) of the world meeting the same fate

  7. @Shrinath

    You remind me of the story about transporting Indian crabs. The shipping container doesn’t need a lid because the moment one starts to climb, there will be 4 others to pull it down! Rejoice the moment instead of being a crab that’s being transported from Kerala to Dubai.

    The greatest improvement according to most knowledgeable commentators has been Ishant Sharma. So, now we have Zaheer (in your words) and Ishant (in the eyes of most) as amongst the best bowlers in the world. And yet, you are holding out for assessment on a green top while ignoring Perth completely. Pray why? Only you will know.

    I deplore this “when will we produce an Akram” put-downs. No one will ever be an Akram. Just like no one will be a Kapil or Waugh or Border or Tendulkar or Viv or Lara.

    If there will be another Tendulkar, my bet is that that person will not be named Tendulkar!

    Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy Zaheer today and wait for another Zaheer to be born!

  8. @Raghuram, Shrinath

    This talk of “when will we produce an Akram” reminds me… Someone asked Bishen Bedi if there will be another Bishen Bedi ever! Bedi replied, “I think my mother is too old to conceive now”!

    I agree with Raghuram though. Let us celebrate the present bowlers instead of indulging in a somewhat mindless comparisons with bowlers past.

    — Mohan

  9. On second thoughts, I am not sure if that was Bishen Bedi or Kapil Dev that made the comment. But it was along the lines I produced in the comment above.

  10. chris hutchinson

    Gee isnt it great to be the best in the world?

  11. Guys, please, do not feed the troll…..

  12. Harbhajan’s comments are hilarious! What wit!

    The Greg Chappell one was a beauty…

  13. I think Australia get a bit too negative about playing in India

    Yes they didn’t win a series in India for 35 years, but in that time, there were only 16 Tests in India. Also, a lot of these were played by uncharacteristically weak Australian teams. A good Australian team should have a good chance in India.

    Their field settings were pretty negative.

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