Groundhog day

These events seem to be happening – again…and again…and again! Like Groundhog day…


12 responses to “Groundhog day

  1. For an Indian blog, you guys talk a lot about Aussie cricket.

  2. For an Aussie cricket fan, you visit an Indian cricket blog a lot 🙂

  3. Just follow the headlines.

  4. It’s a blog for fans of Indian cricket…

    And, Indian cricket fans do follow cricket around the world – whether it is Pakistan or England or for that matter…Australia 🙂

  5. Right. So it’s a blog for fans of Indian cricket about Australian cricket. Got ya.

  6. Hahaha. This is funny. I like it. On a serious note, the only real rivalry in world cricket these days is between India and Australia so obviously a lot will be written about these two teams.

  7. @Steve: Keep visiting. But if you read just the headlines, you’ll miss some of the juicy bits of info that “objective” folk like Conn and Lalor will protect you and your ilk from.

  8. Hi guys,

    I had booked my flight from Manchester to Mumbai for the second test to be with the barmy army in a few days

    My family want me to cancel the trip–I stand to lose lot of money by cancelling the trip

    If the test is shifted to another city, will it be safer than in Mumbai ?

    As the locals, what do you think ?

  9. @dead eye dick

    I would wait a couple of days before deciding on anything…

    India is a large country, as you know, and it should be relatively safe in another city. The security will again be beefed up, wherever it is being played.

    But reiterating what I said earlier – wait for a couple of days to see how things unfold before you decide anything.

    Cricket, wins and losses suddenly seem so insignificant when a tragedy like this happens…A very sad day really.

  10. Just_Another_Joe

    @dead eye dick

    The tour has been called off. The remaining 2 one-dayers have definitely been canceled, and although there are talks regarding salvaging the test matches, it might be a whole lotta nothing. Considering the English team is busy preparing to leave from Bhubaneshwar, as we speak, I highly doubt they’ll return just for 2 test matches and put themselves at risk.

    As for your plans, I’d strongly recommend you lose money instead of your peace and security. Stay home and stay safe.

  11. Thanks guys

    NZ and OZ seem to be the safe places

    May be India and England can play the two tests at neutral venues and I can get the tickets changed–without losing too much money

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