India win series, but…

OK, India won the series and it is significant in more ways than one. But, what a let down the last day of the 2nd Test between India and England turned out to be? What irks me is not the fact that India didn’t win the match, it’s just that India didn’t try.

Granted, the pitch did not deteriorate as much as people thought it would and England could have still played out a draw. But we will never know, will we? Dhoni as a leader, probably went a notch up in the books of Yuvraj and Gambhir for allowing them to try and go for their hundreds and individual glory. But at what cost? Dhoni’s first duty should have been to try and win the match, not let players play for their personal glory. In an ironic sort of way – both players missed out on their centuries and in a way, I think  justice was served.

I have been a big fan of Dhoni’s captaincy, but I think he got it really wrong this time. There is a lot being said and written about in the media about how India has the potential to become the No. 1 side in the World – but they will never get to it unless they start playing for wins. Hopefully Dhoni realizes that…

But in spite of the last day’s happenings and BCCI’s farce of staging the game in Punjab that lead to the equivalent of just 4 days worth of cricket, India can take a lot of positives from this game and the series. But, more on that later…


11 responses to “India win series, but…

  1. This brings us to a question. What for does a national team play a sport?

    Is it played to win a trophy or for giving giving an interesting and enthralling experience for the spectators and fans?

    If it is played for bringing laurels to the country then what Dhoni did was right as he had already ensured that the trophy was ours and there was no need for him to risk it even if the chances were remote.

    If it is played for giving enthralling moments to the spectators and fans then irrespective of the state of the series and match we should only see attacking cricket because winning or losing doesn’t matter.

  2. me friends in Birmingham say that the bookies in India stood to lose millions–if not billions of dollars–if Dhoni had challenged our England boys and we had won—hence, he opted out for a draw.

    Next time Indians come to England, our future captain will have this test in one corner of his memory bank and will take revenge by keeping the Indians out on the cold and windy Headingley.

  3. Mahesh, there was no point to grinding down your bowlers when you knew that getting (earning) wickets was extremely difficult.

    I think Dhoni did the right thing by letting its batsmen have some valuable batting practice instead.

    dead eye dick ,

    What was the result of the match when India and England had last met at cold and windy Headingley for a test?

  4. we are going back to our old habits. We should learn to be more aggressive and crush the opponents when they are down.

  5. @deadeye

    Unless your friends in Birmingham are bookies themselves, I have more reason to believe my friends who say that there are no bookies in Indian cricket. Huh! And if your friends in Birmingham are bookies who fix matches, we will set the cops onto you. So either way, you are cooked…

    Moreover, even if Dhoni had challenged the England boys, England would not have won. Not with that team. The point is more that even though he had the bowling to beat England 2-0, he opted a grind it out strategy in order to give Gambhir and Yuvraj some batting practice.

    Finally, if cricket were about taking revenge, England should have won this series given that India won the last one in England. Perhaps cricket is about taking revenge. But this England team is clearly capable of just turning up to play — cold and windy conditions or not! Huh!

  6. Srivas,
    I don’t bet on cricket–stopped it many years ago thanks to Cronje, Azharuddin, Malik and co
    Just dabble on soccer here
    I don’t have any bookie friends–I was merely passing on the talk amongst friends at the local pub

    Even help from our Scotland yard last time hasn’t got rid of your bookies–how are you going to get the ones in our part of the world?

    Better catch the Indians who are targetting the rich cricketers like Dhoni, before you aim for our crooks

    Good to see BCCI crying poor due to the cancellation of a few matches–what goes around comes around! They just have to pay for ruining every other country’s coffers and poaching / pinching players like Flintoff and Pietersenfor IPL.

  7. Well…I have a different take. Mine is that Dhoni, being the gentleman as he is, would have thought it extremely ungrateful of India to have whitewashed England in both the one-day series as well as the Test series and then sent them home…after they had made the magnificent gesture to come back to play in India after the Mumbai tragedy.

    Dhoni allowed the english to pass in the last test with a face saving gesture of a draw in the match.

    It is evident.

  8. cheapticketstoindia

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  9. I agree that Dhoni did the right thing.

    It was a tough bowling match, and he did well not to mess up his bowlers.

    End of the day India won the series – that is the main thing, and its no suprise that the edge was lacking at the end.

    At least you won!

  10. Well done india……….

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