Curtains for Badrinath?

Several months and a few dozen posts back, I had made a statement that Subramaniam Badrinath tends to fail in key national games. Someone challenged me to it and I was going to dig into stats and prove my point. I hope to be able to find the time to get around doing it but, for certain, his performance in the ongoing Duleep Trophy game against Central Zone will only improve my statistics. Is this curtains for him or is there still hope? With Rohit Sharma banging on the doors with strong performances in the Ranji finals and Dinesh Karthik not calling quits yet, does Badrinath even stand a chance? While only time will answer this question, my personal feeling is that his performance combined with age will soon place him in the Mohd. Kaif category.

The Duleep Trophy game has raised some interesting thoughts . Is Abhinav Mukund ready for big leagues? Is AS Yadav that terrible, even he has scored a half century? Is Balaji back in the reckoning and has Sreesanth done enough to earn a recall? I am quite impressed with Dinesh Karthik’s attitude, he seems much better placed than Parthiv Patel to qualify for the second wicket keeper spot at this time and his approach to batting provides him an opportunity the likes of Suresh Raina for a middle order spot in the one day side.

All action seems to bode well for an interesting year ahead.

– Srikanth

5 responses to “Curtains for Badrinath?

  1. By the way,Rohit Sharma aint bangin, it’s Suresh Raina who has been bangin on the doors of Test Cricket …………..he has been subdued becoz Sharma sustains his place with the help of politics……….

  2. Provocative but true isn’t it? In those days I believe Sunil Gavaskar asked V Sivaramakrishnan to score a hundred against any visiting team and he would get him to open for the country, but it never happened. I would not write off Badri so early. There is also a rumor that Tamil Nadu cricketers were not to be selected for the current SL tour because of the ongoing crisis. On the other hand if Badri scores a hundred in the next Duleep match will he go to NZ??? Interesting times ahead and the Duleep trophy should be followed more closely. DK definitely will go as the 2nd keeper to NZ.

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  4. DK certainly deserves to be the 2nd keeper. and deserves a place in the test and ODI team. Surely better than Raina, I would say. He has a good technique, and has all the shots. he would be an asset to the middle order.

  5. Srikanth…

    What timing!!!! You surely did it :>

    What a double hundred …. I believe he surely has it in him.

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