Was Tendulkar Dropped?

Unfortunately, I did not follow the fourth one day international well enough to find out if Tendulkar was actually dropped. If so, is this the first in many, many years? Typically, in the past, an out of form Tendulkar would take an “injury” break if needed. Is the first of many “interesting” Dhoni decisions. Clarifications on this topic are urgently needed before I go crazy speculating.

On a brighter side, the Indians seem to be intent on literally destroying the opposition. Sri Lankans have been decimated out of the series by some spectacular batting and very good spin bowling. Ojha seems to have delivered well and the part-timers have done a wonderful job.

New Zealand, here we come!

– Srikanth

5 responses to “Was Tendulkar Dropped?

  1. crazy baseless speculating is all that you are doing sir.
    Sachin Tendulkar is being preserved for the 2010 world cup, and thats that. It has been made very clear that he would be playing only selective matches till then..

    You might be a Dhoni, but you cannot decide on God..

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  2. I think he was as a child, but he learnt quickly and the result was that he developed his forearms and sharpened those reflexes and the rest as they say is history. There’s a lesson in there somewhere for parents, drop your kids from an early age.*

    *Short of A Length is against cruelty in any form and does not endorse mindless dropping of children from ridiculous heights in the pursuit of IPL dollars or other cricketing ambitions.

  3. Why speculate unnecessarily. Even if he was dropped so what. Give the other youngsters a chance for heaven’s sake. You have lots of young players like Rohit Sharma who need time in the middle.

  4. Sachin has decided not to play in dead ODIs. He participated in the first three when the series was alive. There was no point in playing the next two as the series was decided. A young batsman will gain more from the exposure and this is what Sachin decided!

  5. Dropped, rested, whatever.

    I prefer to dwell on the positives and what is great is that you can afford t have him out of your side. This shows a strength in depth that many of your rivals not possess.

    Enjoy it!

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