Pakistan – No longer a cricket friendly nation

As news starts coming in regarding the brutal attack on the Sri Lankan cricketers, the safety, security and the well being of the Sri Lankans is of serious concern. One can only hope and pray that the injuries sustained are minor and the cricketers come out that failed state as soon as they can. As until today, the senseless attacks did not targets cricketers, but today things have changed. Cricket isn’t the same any more. Not too long ago, the Pakistanis were trying to convince the Indian government that it was safe to travel to their country to play cricket. The future of Pakistani cricket is now under serious threat, even if the country itself isn’t.

Our prayers are with the injured Sri Lankan cricketers at this time of crisis.

– Srikanth


One response to “Pakistan – No longer a cricket friendly nation

  1. These attacks will do no good to Pakistan and pakistan cricket. The country is already in the news for wrong reasons. If the attacks hamper sporting events, soon no team will be willing to tour pakistan.

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