A Joint Indo-Pak Team?

Here is a radical solution to a radical problem. Why don’t the BCCI and PCB form a joint Indo-Pak team that takes on other teams including the rest of the world. I agree with Younis Khan that it will be indeed sad if the cricket in Pakistan is killed at the expense of increased terrorism. Wouldn’t it be great if the cricketing world expressed solidarity with the Pakistani team by a venture such as a combined India-Pak team. I completely understand that the Sri Lankans were victims of the recent tragedy. I am sure, however, that they would endorse such a move that keeps cricket alive in the Indian subcontinent. It will also demonstrate that cricket will not give in to threats and violence. The Indo-Pak team could play in India and Sri Lanka against different nations. Who would want to stop watching the likes of Younis Khan, Misbah Ul Haq or Salman Butt? In the spirit of a possible Indo-Pak team, here is my take at a possible Indo-Pak XI:

Virendar Sehwag

Salman Butt

Rahul Dravid

Sachin Tendulkar

Younis Khan

Misbah Ul Haq

VVS Laxman

MS Dhoni (Capt)

Harbajan Singh

Zaheer Khan

Danish Kaneria

Ishant Sharma

Umar Gul – 12th man


– Srikanth


13 responses to “A Joint Indo-Pak Team?

  1. The only problem though is, no one in India seems to want the Pakistani players playing in India. And by no one, I mean the powers that be in the government, the PCB and the BCCI.
    Just as Pakistan is not a safe place for the Indian team, India is not a safe place for the Pakistanis either.
    Sad, but true…

  2. Srikanth

    You must be absolutely mad to suggest this..before everybody jumps on me about how politics and sport don’t mix and all that stuff…we have not even got help from Pak for the Mumbai investigation and there are officials pointng a finger at India for the attack on Sril Lankan team and you come up with a totally insane idea. Who stopped the Pak cricketers from playing in IPL not India but Pak.

  3. You got 12 players in your 11.

    Salman Butt ahead of Gambhir? You must be kidding!

  4. And Kaneria instead of Amit Mishra sounds like quota player :-). You can only have Laxman or Misbah. Younis is the only Pakistani who will make it to the Indian team(in place of Yuvraj) – all other places are taken. Maybe Shoaib Malik instead of Harbhajan – their recent bowling efforts havent been vastly different and Malik is a better batsman
    (incidentally, this idea I had spouted in comments on jrod’s blog yesterday – i should start a blog looks like..)

  5. Raises some questions..

    Would everyone be required to grow Beards?

    Would the team menu include “halal” meat?

    Would urdu be the spoken language?

    Would Pakisthani players require a visa to play in Jammu?

  6. Agree with outsider. Even after the Lahore attack, Pakistanis are doing nothing against terrorists. Agreeing to playing with them is endorsing their stand on terrorism.

  7. @RV Very true. No doubt that G. Gambhir is absolutely a incredible player. He must be in the Indo-Pak team in place of S. Butt. 🙂

  8. yups, totally agrre– the form gambhir is carrying, no one can place him above butt. it shld be gambhir– no confusion

  9. I don’t agree. Lets keep two thing aside and not combine them. India alone is better than the best!

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  11. No way!! We’re doing really good and the Pakistani team is in a mess.. both on field and off field. This must be the weakest Pakistani team in recent history. They might have talented players, but they have way too many issues to take care of…

  12. Completely Insane !!!!
    Please get over dear, had it been ten years back and you wanted to include a few Pakistani players in such a team, I would have agreed, but the current Indian team is better than any of the past Indian teams and no pakistani player can take a spot till 14th position unless someone is injured or wants to take rest.

    You can’t be an Indian cricket lover to include Butt in place of Gambhir…..
    Bad bad post…..

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