Daily Archives: 3 April 2009

New mobile phone service for Cricinfo

I found this interesting and thought I’d post about it.

First up, I have to declare that I have nothing to do with this service nor do I stand to gain in any way as a result of this “review”. I just found this free service interesting and thought I’d share with fellow cricket tragics!

snaptu is a startup that has just released a mobile phone live scores and news service for Cricinfo. It is targeted at everyday phones rather than high end iphones. Looks good.

In order to get it, put m.snaptu.com on your phone’s browser or if you do not have one, go to http://www.snaptu.com/a/cricinfo and get an sms link. There are other services on there, but this one caught my interest.

A YouTube video of the CricInfo score service is available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do-wYiCldyA

— Mohan