Daily Archives: 8 April 2009

Good enough is not enough

Winning a series in NZ is pretty good, I reckon. In fact we couldn’t achieve that a few years ago when the fab five were still playing together and a lot younger. Actually, India haven’t won a test series in NZ in 41 years – so, the series win should rank pretty high….but let me state a few facts that would put things into perspective:

  • India is ranked No. 3 in the Test rankings and there isn’t much separating them and South Africa in the table. One could even argue that there is very little separating the top 3 teams at the moment.
  • New Zealand is ranked No. 8, ahead of Bangladesh.
  • The current Indian team has more experience and is far more superior to the New Zealand team in both batting and bowling.

The reason I am pointing these things out is because I am actually disappointed with the final result of the series. Dhoni should have declared at the end of the 3rd day and tried for an outright win. By doing so, he would have taken the weather completely out of the equation. Most people in India would happily settle for a 1-0 series win. That would be Good enough for them. Not for me. I have come to expect more from this team. I seriously think that this team can be the #1 team in the world, but that will not happen if we keep settling for a “good enough” result.  We should have come out of this series with at least a 2-0 win.

The series win sounds a bit hollow to me and I somehow feel the same way I felt after the series loss to SL last year. That may sound a bit harsh, but as I said earlier I’ve come to expect more from this team. To me, “Good enough” is just not enough…