Daily Archives: 19 April 2009

British Divide and Rule does it for Chennai Super Kings

Dhoni’s lack of awareness that Flintoff’s batting form is not shaking the world,  Badrinath’s good form in domestic cricket, and Ashwin is actually a bowler probably did it for the predicted favorites. I have to say that poor captaincy by Dhoni did it for Chennai. I have never been comfortable with the fact that Chennai acquired Flintoff and that may cost them. I do not want to take away the fact Mumbai played really well under the circumstances. Tendulkar proved that their is no reason why he shouldn’t be playing this form of the game as well, Abhishek Nayar continued to justify the fact that Mohan has been pointing out consistently as to how good an all rounder he is and Malinga certainly is back in good nick. Despite all that, CSK lost due to poor strategy both in the way the bowling was handled and most certainly in the way the batting order was set. It may very well be a frustrated me moaning about the loss of my home team and that it is early days yet for CSK, but they certainly have some work to do to retain their favorite ranking. While I will continue to hope that CSK makes it all the way, I am personally happy to see “God” lead from the front.

– Srikanth