British Divide and Rule does it for Chennai Super Kings

Dhoni’s lack of awareness that Flintoff’s batting form is not shaking the world,  Badrinath’s good form in domestic cricket, and Ashwin is actually a bowler probably did it for the predicted favorites. I have to say that poor captaincy by Dhoni did it for Chennai. I have never been comfortable with the fact that Chennai acquired Flintoff and that may cost them. I do not want to take away the fact Mumbai played really well under the circumstances. Tendulkar proved that their is no reason why he shouldn’t be playing this form of the game as well, Abhishek Nayar continued to justify the fact that Mohan has been pointing out consistently as to how good an all rounder he is and Malinga certainly is back in good nick. Despite all that, CSK lost due to poor strategy both in the way the bowling was handled and most certainly in the way the batting order was set. It may very well be a frustrated me moaning about the loss of my home team and that it is early days yet for CSK, but they certainly have some work to do to retain their favorite ranking. While I will continue to hope that CSK makes it all the way, I am personally happy to see “God” lead from the front.

– Srikanth

11 responses to “British Divide and Rule does it for Chennai Super Kings

  1. Why was Murali not picked ? Badri sent down the Order? What was Aswin’s role? Inspite of Patel’s proven failure last year whyshould he open?

    And I think CSK is the team with least local representation.

  2. with no local players in the team, there is no spirit of chennai while watching these games.

  3. I feel

    Patel should be dropped and a strong bat take his position on top. Dhoni can keep wickets.

    Dhoni should come before Oram and Flintoff. Hayden on top, Dhoni is the middle and Flintoff to finish should work well.

    It is a pity we didnt try out even an over of spin. Need to have more confidence in bowlers.

    And some one should complain about Malinga’s action. It is ridiculous that he gets away with the way he bowls.

  4. Baranidaran

    So you don’t think Badrinath is a local player?

  5. 2 /11 local players?? and aswin didn’t have any role to play. 2 local players for me isn’t good enough at least for me to call it a chennai team.

  6. Completely agree with Srikanth. Dhoni has generally not handled Badrinath well. Even in the final last year, he promoted Kapugedara ahead of Badrinath, which cost the team. Yesterday was another example of bad captaincy. In a T20 match every player is crucial to the team’s cause. You cannot afford to pick a specialist bowler and not give him a single over. I also do not think highly of Joginder Sharma. Hayden looked a bit rusty yesterday but with the tournament progressing things will get better. Dhoni also has been on the road continuously for the last so many months so we’ll grant him a few games to get his charms working. I think with Hayden, Oram and Morkel available for the full tournament we are bound to get better. Meanwhile amazing win for Bangalore yesterday!

  7. overall a bad trend that teams are sheddding local players in favour of others. I thought IPL was going to help in showcasing local talent.

  8. Ganesh Devarajan

    Interesting that all the senior players of Indian team: Tendulkar, Dravid, Kumble, Dhoni, Bajji – all clicking in this form of cricket. Hope Shewag, Laksman and Ganguly will also click.

  9. Since the topic has been on local players. Five players have been sent home and that includes Vidyut!!

    //Vidyut Sivaramakrishnan, Srikkanth Anirudha, Suresh Kumar, Abhinav Mukund and Napoleon Einstein were the five players who were axed from the squad.//

  10. @Baranidaran

    Sorry for this late response because i read this post only today. You are not getting any feeling of Chennai because there are only 2 local players. Sack Dhoni and fill this team with your supremely talented local players. I am sure you will be bunny in next edition. The feeling of regionalism and quota system has long haunted Indian team selection. But people like u crib even with franchise based team. Rajasthan Royals had no local player last year but no Rajasthani cribs about it. Tamil Nadu is a good team in Ranji trophy but u don’t have stars to match the demands of IPL. Except for Badri and perhaps Ashwin, no player from TN deserves place in this CSK squad. I believe Balaji played so many matches only because he is from TN. Only Delhi, Mumbai and Punjab have wherewithal to fill local players.

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