Dhoni has got the batting order wrong!

While it was disappointing to see CSK’s bowling department failing to contain the Chargers’ batting onslaught, I put the blame squarely on Dhoni’s strategy with respect to his batting order. I have three major concerns that need to be addressed fairly quickly. Firstly, Parthiv Patel has no place in this line up. With a regular opener like M. Vijay in the side, it is worth trying him out. S. Badrinath is not necessarily in the side as a finisher but as a middle order batsman who can rotate the strike especially when players like Hayden are taking on the  bowling. He is a wasted commodity at number seven, you may as well play an extra bowler. Finally, Dhoni or Morkel should be the ones playing overs 16-2o.CSK is losing them way before that stage and therefore the finishing is quite pathetic.

On a brand loyalty note, I continue to remain a loyal supporter of CSK but my patience is running out especially after watching “God” play his innings today. It is becoming increasing tougher to avoid looking in a different direction as far as franchise loyalty is concerned.:)

– Srikanth

8 responses to “Dhoni has got the batting order wrong!

  1. Agreed!

    The one other point is that with spin doing so well pretty much in all the matches we should have one more spinner aiding Murali. Even today in addition to the part time bowling of Raina, if we had another spinner, it might have been an interesting option.

  2. In addition to your Points above, I don’t see any reason for why Joginder is still being persisted with :). Is it only because Misbah hit a miscalculated shot of a poor ball some 50 years ago?

  3. The fact that CSK came second best in last year’s final and it was widely accepted that Badri instead of Kapugedera would have made the difference. Dhoni did not learn from that mistake.

    CSK going down in the last over is not a tribute to fighting ability – it only means they are not having enough on the board, in time.

    I beleived in early 2008 somewhere in Australia, MSD realised that the bowlers have worked his game out and has moulded his game accordingly.Eschewing risk in favour of singles works for Team India in ODIS not CSK in T20s. While Ganguly and Dravid have been insulted by two pence half penny commentators, it would pay note that MSD is getting not more than a run a ball, which is way below par on this format. Sadly the pied pipers fail to point this out, when not losing an opportunity to say “Rahul Dravid needs time to build up steam” and the like. Hypocrisy at its worst.

    MSD, when leading India has shown himself to be tactically very nimble. However, his bull headedness is letting the team down. For instance,

    1. The continued underutilisation of Badrinath ( who got 2 fifties in less than 40 deliveries when given the chance in 2008). So there is proof. I only hope Dhoni does not have anything against his batsman. Badri should bat at 4 in EVERY match if CSK were to stay alive in the competition.

    2. One dimensional bowling – Gony, Oram, Morkel – All trot up a few paces and release the ball. Sadly MSD refuses to even consider spin option from the local talent.

    3. Freddie Flintoff is in a batting slump. He is being sent up to justify his price.

    4. MSD is no number 4. LEt him not flatter himself.

    5. Parthiv and Joginder – whatever are they doing in the team. They should have been shown the door last year.

    I feel no loyalty to this badly led and awfully managed team. It has a very strong core group of players but are not doing well, thanks to very basis tactical errrors.

    I and would rather root for teams which are putting their best foot forward.

    1. DC – Born again
    2. MI – Sachin to prove a point
    3. DDD- Sheet natural ability

  4. RS:

    Coudn’t agree more. MSD is not “God” yet and so is not above criticism (even God isn’t spared when he has a ‘slump in form’ according to the pundits). He has not taken a single right decision in this second round. Also I have a feeling that Flems in his first attempt as a coach might be coming with lousy strategies – he does not know any of the Indian players and their potential – not sure if he is involved in team selection. Badri is the only player who is quite adept in playing all three forms but he is so underutilised and sent in wrong position that he is made to look incompetent – that’s not his fault – the fault lies purely and completely at MSD’s doorstep. How many failures does Parthiv need before being thrown out of the team? Vijay should replace Parthiv. Badri should go after Raina followed by Oram (if he is in) and then MSD to come. MSD has lost all his power strikes he had when he started playing int’l cricket. Same for Joginder – what’s he doing in the team when spinners are doing so well? Where is Ashwin – the guy can definitely bat better than Joginder. If Srinivasan doesn’t step in and get the team selection right, he is sure to lose his millions and marbles.

  5. Outsider,

    MSD is his own man. He has not deferred to ‘Seniors”in Team India. (Mohali Test Vs Aus, II Innings, a case point). I would imagine, he runs the CSK Team in the same way. In view of this, I would not be too critical of Fleming even if he were to influence these decisions.

    In any case, coaches can influence the outcome only so much. Tactical, on field blunders are the captain’s baby.
    When you get the credit for being ‘in control’ and the calmness ‘rubbing off on the team’ you lead, it is fair that you get panned for a no-show. The only coach Rajasthan Royals had last year was called Volvo,who waited in the parking lot for his players.

    CSK look like a bunch of old men waiting for the 20 overs to end. This was not the same team which one saw in the initial stages of last year’s tournament

  6. I can only say Dhoni is making sure no TN player makes it to ODI or T20 team.The stubborn persistence with j sharma looks like regional bias.And why is ntini not being played ? If the 4-player rule is a problem then oram should be dropped along with j sharma and ntini and vijay should come in.
    The team is neither old nor lacking skill, it is just the captain who seems to have a northern mental block(should have played for Delhi).This is the only team where local talent seems to have no place.

  7. Punjab has shown that all you need in this game is one win and the momentum changes. I’d suggest that it is a bit too early to thrown in the towel while pressing the panic button at the same time!

    I had no sense of loyalty towards any team last year. I am struggling this year too! So I just sit back and watch the carnival in a dispassionate manner. It can be fun too!

    Dhoni needs to junk Joginder Sharma for Thilan Thushara. Morkel needs to then make way for an additional bat (Arun Karthik), who needs to bat in Badrinath’s place with Badri coming in ahead of Dhoni. These few simple changes will do it for CSK.


  8. Badri at number 4 seems to provide the balance that CSK was looking for. I like the fact that Badri sets things up for an explosive end (though CSK lost the plot in their last match against DDD).

    As an aside, why is that Badri’s contribution in the match against DDD was less talked about. I for one felt that he played really really well, after being quiet for 3 overs (7, 8 and 9). Badri contributed in a big way on the subsequent launch. With all this I was saddened to see Indian Express having a photograph of Raina in their sunday edition. Sigh!

    Though I don’t have loyalty to any one team, I feel that reports are biased towards a subset of players. No wonder blogs like fakeipl feed the curious.

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