Overhypes and “Under”hypes of IPL-2

The 7th and 8th teams of IPL-1 are in the finals of this year’s version. Who would have thought that? Kumble, at the time of announcing his retirement, said that he will represent RCB this year to satisfy the terms of his contract. Rahul Dravid and Jacques Kallis have not been the selectors’ choices in the limited version of the game for their respective countries. Add to the mix, two exciting talents in Manish Pandey and Virat Kohli and you have a winning team this year. It will be interesting to see if an Indian will lift the DLF-IPL this year or will it be an Australian again. I wanted to take a crack at identify the overhyped players of this IPL-2 (both financially and otherwise) who have been total disappointments and, at the same time, list the expected underperformers who showed otherwise.

The Overhype X1

Robin Uthappa

Graeme Smith

Kevin Pieterson

Jacob Oram

Albie Morkel

Andrew Flintoff

Brendon McCullum

Jesse Ryder

Tyron Henderson

Ishant Sharma


While Sehwag and Gambhir were probably the biggest disappointment as a comination, they did have a couple of decent outings to miss the above X1. I am sure there are a few more like Mashrafe Mortaza who could be part of the list but may not have played as many games. I have included Tyron Henderson because Rajasthan paid 650,000 for him and he hardly played a game. You could add some poor performers to the list such as Sanath Jayasuriya, Manpreet Gony, L. Balaji etc.

Now, how about the unexpected.

“Under”hype X1

Manish Pandey

Jacques Kallis

Brad Hodge

Rahul Dravid

T. Suman

D. Karthik

Roef Van der Merwe

R. Vinay Kumar

A. Kumble

D. Nannes

Shadab Jakati

Other names that come to mind include Fidel Edwards, Naman Ojha, B. Akhil etc.


Looking forward to a final with a beer and a newspaper in hand!

– Srikanth

14 responses to “Overhypes and “Under”hypes of IPL-2

  1. In addition to the big “Stars”, often the contribution of unknown players made a big difference for the team. Several names have been listed.

    Abhishek Nayyar of Mumbai was able to change the momentum with a quick 30+.

    Virat Kohli, for Royal Challengers – useful bowler and batsman – impressive how he setup the great Murali – first ball a stepping down the wicket for a forward defense; dot ball , and then the next ball after sizing up – a step down the wicket to hit for a straight six.

    CSK had super stars – Hayden, Dhoni, Raina, Murali, Flintoff, Morkel – but did not have the second string which could surprise the opposition. I do not understand the selection of Jacob Oram – not great with the bat, ordinary bowling. Oram could stand at Long on and catch or swat some of the sixers of Adam Gilchrist on the boundary !!!

    Soma Bhanam in the morning !! Hot Idlis, Madras filter coffee in the morning is CSK style !! After Sandhyakalam, evening 7 PM can be time for brewski for here !

  2. Ganesh Devarajan

    Regardless of the format of the game (may it be test, ODI or 20-20), it is the technique that wins. Dravid, who is known to drain the bowlers with his defensive batting technique in test innings is ALSO able to catch up on times and show what he is capable of in 20-20. Yesterday’s innings against CSK proved the point, there was not even a single run that was scored un-stylishly! Pandey/ Badrinath/ Rohit appear the same way to me, makes me think they have a great career ahead. Hope the selectors think the same way:-)!

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  4. I’d like to add Badrinath to the over-hyped players list please! I know I will get flamed for this, but I think the guy has blown one opportunity too many. His swat off a full-toss in the semi-final game was enough to prove that while he has talent, when it comes to a crunch situation, he chokes big time. You must WANT to be there for the big situation. Rohit Sharma looks like he itches for it. So also Suresh Raina. Dinesh Mongia had it too, in my view. Badrinath, like Badani before him chokes. It doesn’t matter if a player is shunted up and down the order. If he wants a fixed position, he should try Yoga! There are some positions there that are fixed. As a T20 cricketer you must be prepared to pick up the bat and march when the captain tells you to. There are no free breakfasts in this world. So Badrinath is my nomination.

    Let the flames begin!

  5. Brilliant about the “yoga” reference ,Mohan, LOL. I agree that leaving out Badrinath was an error on my part. I soon expect a tearful interview in Ananda Viketan by Badrinath claiming he has been misused and misunderstood and how he has not been provided enough chances.

    BTW, Mohan what are your views on Manish Pandey. I was very impressed with his batting.

  6. Though people are quick to point out Badri’s flaws . No one seems to be critical about Dhoni’s ridiculous selection policies.

    Oram. Not sure why he was persisted with so long. Dhoni promoting himself ahead of Badri time and again even if its within 1st 10 overs defies logic.

    The main cause of faliure this season has been the failure of Morkel and Oram, CSK should rethink this.

    Gony has not looked good even in patches, not sure why he made the 11 in the SF ahead of Aswin, given the success the spinners were enjoying in this tournament.

  7. Yes, Dhoni did make some strange decisions and these have been pointed out and documented on this blogsite by both Srikanth Mangalam and myself! His persistence with Flintoff and Oram are cases in point. But I’d rather a captain that attempted to maximise their investment in a player than a captain who paid $650,000 for a player to warm a bench (a la Henderson)!

    Dhoni is captain and his selections rule. If CSK has a problem with that, they will select a new captain.

    Dhoni’s persistence with Oram when he had Ntini is what really worries me!

    Ashwin was given a chance or two. Jakati was given a chance too. The latter proved to be better and delivered. End of story in my view. I think there is an amazing penchant for TN-fans to build conspiracy-theory myths. Wonder why?

  8. I guess the TN fans tendencies for conspiracy theories is similar to the kool-aid drunk by Dhoni fan boys!! 🙂 Why live in the past, folks…time to move on…

    The good aspect of IPL is that fresh new talent such as Pandey get a chance to display their wares on an semi international stage.

    In regards to an earlier article on the impact of T20, I feel it has more potential to affect ODIs than tests. I feel that test match cricket might still stay, though in shorter series duration, but ODIs will come down in number.

  9. I was rooting for Bangalore Royal Challengers, who had a good talent – experience + youth; Kumble, Kallis, Dravid + Kohli, Ross Taylor, Pandey, Utthappa

    I am upset with Deccan Chargers who dropped VVS, instead had selected players like Ravi Teja, Bilakhia who were fanning at deliveries providing breeze for the fielders.

  10. VVS should never have been in South Africa for IPL-2 in my view.

  11. VVS is another “under_hyped” player in all forms of the game.

  12. palam:

    VVS is appropriately-hyped in all forms. His hype sheet reads: Test magician, Lazy ODI player, T20 misfit. He stopped thinking about fitness 15 years back and that is when the latter 2 forms stopped thinking about him. Gilchrist, Dravid, Hayden, Kumble, Sachin, et al, are still fit! This bunch is as fit and agile now as VVS was 10 yrs back.

    Move on please.

  13. The indictment that VVS is a misfit for T20 is a bit strong. OK, I understand VVS is not selected for India T20 or one-day team.

    Dropping him from from a local team Deccan Chargers seems harsh. I wish his replacements were better. I do not get that feeling when I watch Ravi Teja or Bhilakia, who were not even to playing the ball.

    Delhi Daredevils also dropped one of the legends – McGrath, but Dirk Nannes bowled well until he faced Gilchrist.

  14. Well I agree that Oram should have been dropped to accommodate Ntini and also that worthless bowler Balaji should have made way for Tyagi. Batting of CSK was already very good so Vijay and Parthiv both could have been accommodated. CSK should do something about their bowling. It was the worst bowling unit in tournament if you exclude Murali. Dhoni can’t do anything if Balaji and Gony dish out dollies.

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