ICCWT20C :: Groupings and Points

Time for a reminder on the ICC World T20 Championship Groups.

Defending champions India is in an easy group A along with Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. Having said that, let us not forget that Bangladesh beat West Indies and Zimbabwe beat Australia in the 2007 edition of the ICCT20C!

Anything is possible in this version of the game. The gap between the best and the rest is narrow and all it takes is a few mistakes for a team to be blown away. India will have to be on her toes.

The groupings do not really make sense to me, but given that they were developed nearly 2 years ago (thanks to an ECB request to boost ticket sales) and given that they were based on the results of ICCWT20C-2007, we have a crazy situation where Australia, Sri Lanka and West Indies are in the same group!

For what it is worth, the groups are:

Group A: India, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe Ireland
Group B: Pakistan, England, Netherlands
Group C: Australia, Sri Lanka, West Indies
Group D: New Zealand, South Africa, Scotland

The preliminary league stage of the tournament will see each team play other teams in its Group. The top two teams from each group will qualify for the “Super Eights”.

Unless there is a miracle or bad-luck through rain-affected matches, I expect the Super Eight line-up to be:

India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, England, Australia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, South Africa

Of course, having said that, anything can happen in Group-C the “Group of Death”

In the case of tied points, ranking within the Group will be determined by, in order, (a) the total number of wins, (b) net-run-rate, (c) higher number of wickets taken per balls bowled, (d) winner of the group match between the tied sides, or (e) lots.

Weather could play a crucial role in this particularly since, to the best of my knowledge, points from weather affected games cannot be carried into the Super Eight stage! If all 3 games of a Group are washed out, the original seeding will prevail. In other words, if all three Group C matches are rained out, Australia and Sri Lanka will advance to the Super Eights without any points being carried forward!

In the Super Eight stage, teams will be tagged as A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, D1, D2. These tags follow the teams’ seeding except if A3 knock out A1 or A2, in which case A3 takes on the tag of the team that it knocked out.

Super Eight Stage groups:
S8G1: A1, B2, C1 and D2
S8G2: A2, B1, C2 and D1

This will be followed by two semi-final games and a final.

The warm-up games have commenced. Bangladesh has played a few warm-ups against the likes of Netherlands (won), Scotland (won) and Australia (lost). West Indies beat Ireland. India started its campaign with a loss to New Zealand while South Africa beat Pakistan.

— Mohan Ire

6 responses to “ICCWT20C :: Groupings and Points

  1. Mohan,

    It is Ireland i/o Zimbabwe in Group A.

    That said, Ireland are giant killers themselves, as Pakistan found out in the 50 over version.


  2. I hope I am wrong but I think Group A will prove too much for Ireland

  3. Mohan

    The groups are not crazy but commercial.

    At least this way India should make it to the Super 8 stage

  4. The Pav, Nothing commercial about the draws, defending champions get the easiest draws all the time. Same as Tennis grandslams where Top seeds get to play only qualifiers in the prelim rounds.

  5. first 4 and last 4 overs are the deciser, no matter which team and which goups are contesting in t20 format..ideally the format name should be “4×4”..one thing surprises me…when everything is reduced in a 20-20 format, then why the team and field size are same?

  6. Saw the match India vs Bangladesh

    There are two similarities between Rohit Sharma and VIV –

    1. driving on the up thru’ covers
    2. strong flick or almost drive thru’ midwicket of the of the front foot. This shot is a lot better than the Gada slog sweep.

    Only time will tell, if Rohit can dominate the bowlers like Viv.

    Dhoni should NOT bat at No. 3. He should come down the order at No. 5.

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