Australia and Sehwag out of ICCWT20C

Amid speculation of a possible rift in the ranks of Team India, Virender Sehwag is out of the ICC World T20 Championship currently underway in England. Cricinfo reports that dealings with the fourth estate have been somewhat charged and frosty over this particular issue, which led to the speculations that not everyone is a happy camper. Rohit Sharma will open for India along with Gautam Gambhir which, in my view, is not necessarily the worst outcome! Rohit Sharma has been in excellent form lately and can also bowl his brand of slow off-spin.

Dinesh Karthik — him again! — will replace Sehwag in the team. Not sure about this move. My suspicion is that, despite his good showing in the IPL for Delhi, Karthik will carry drinks and warm benches.

Not all is well it seems. At least, things are a bit unsure.

What, however, is a certainty is that Australia has been booted out of the ICCWT20C. An ill-prepared Australia was kicked out on that same day that Ireland was welcomed in to the next stage of the tournament; the Super Eights. What should perhaps be most worrying to an Australian fan, is that Ricky Ponting appeared unable to find any answers. For a start, they had the wrong team playing the wrong brand of cricket! I am, for example, not sure why Ryan Harris and Dirk Nannes weren’t in the Australia team! We know why Brad Hodge is not in the team — he is Victorian! Perhaps that bug has bitten Dirk Nannes too? Nannes was, in my view, the best bowler in the IPL. Instead of chosing a fit and performing Nannes, Australia went for players like Shane Watson and an under-cooked Michael Clarke and Mike Hussey. If I were an Australia fan, I would ask questions of Andrew Hildich!

We certainly live in interesting times!

— Mohan

13 responses to “Australia and Sehwag out of ICCWT20C

  1. Sehwag’s absence will no doubt leave India at a slight disadvantage going into the super eight. That said, the Indian team is the only squad strong enough to lose its best opener and and be able to replace him with a player who is arguably better than most of the starting openers in the tourment.

  2. Losing a player of Sehwag’s caliber is always an unpleasant thing even if he hasn’t been in his best form of late. That said, Kartik is welcome addition to this squad which provides wicket keeping option in case Dhoni is injured.

  3. Manish Pandey as Sehwag’s replacement would have been great. Pandey did so well in the IPL as an opener

  4. >>
    Nannes was, in my view, the best bowler in the IPL

    Really?? I am not so sure. He got thrashed in semis by Gilly. And even if you discount that match because he was bowling to Gilly, I am not sure if he was the best bowler in IPL.

  5. @SLN

    Ok, he may not have been the “best” bowler in the IPL, but certainly close to the best.

    And if I remember right, Gilly thrashed everyone; not just Nannes! 🙂

    My point is that it is a mystery why Nannes, Ryan Harris and Brad Hodge were not chosen.

  6. Because they played in the IPL. And the IPL is evil.

  7. I really think they should have picked Abhishek Nayyar instead of Karthik.

  8. mohank,

    What do you have against Dinesh Karthick ? He did so well in IPL for Delhi. You sound like the anti-TN Mumbai mafia selector 🙂 who were selecting Ajit Agarkar for the last 10 years.

    The rumor mill is that Dhoni is injured and does not want to keep wickets – which is why Parthiv Patel played a lot for CSK.

    Dinesh would possibly provide some relief for Dhoni in WK.

  9. Except for IPL Dinesh karthick has been very unreliable be it wicket keeping or batting.But someone up there likes him to give so many chances to him.Pity rest are not so lucky!!
    But u r right on the backup wicketkeeper part.

  10. If IPL-2 wasn’t proof of Dinesh Karthik’s abilities, I wonder what is. He’s surely a better batsman and wicketkeeper than Dhoni. Of late he’s been more devastating as a batsman than MSD and he’s always had better technique.

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  12. loonard cowan

    the last two games played by the W.I. shows that there are other players other than Christ Gayle who will step up to the plate and perform on a given day Bravo ! to the team on a gusty win today against India

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