Beaten by Bravo Brilliance

Since pretty much the start of IPL-1 last year, Dwayne Bravo has played like has a point to prove. Strange things have happened enroute including his surprising exclusion from the West Indies team for the England test series but his game has never looked better. India can feel disappointed that they did not put a good score on the board. It was strange that, while the original decision was debatable, Dhoni chose to bat lower down the order in this game with Suresh Raina hardly getting a good game in England. I would preferred Dhoni to have batted at No.3 this time around. Yuvraj Singh played brilliantly but I think India were about 20 runs short. At the end of the day, Bravo and Simmons stole the game away from India on the field and while batting.

Where does India go from here? They have to win both the remaining games and hope that West Indies lose one of their games. If India does pull through and move to the semi finals from here on, they will become favorites for the cup. Per current form, Sri Lanka and South Africa look absolute favorites for the title. 

India should consider playing RP Singh instead of Ishant Sharma in the next game. While Dhoni may think that he has figured out a plan for Sharma, in my opinion, Ishant Sharma seems lost in this version of the game. While it would be tempting to play Ravindra Jadeja instead of Irfan Pathan in the next game, Irfan’s swing bowling could come in handy against the Englishmen. One thing is for sure, as far as I am concerned, this tournament will lose its colour and excitement if India does not go through into the semis. 

Hoping for the best,


12 responses to “Beaten by Bravo Brilliance

  1. Reality check for the young Indian team.
    Raina struggled against the pace of Edwards. so did the others. Dhoni wasted too many deliveries. I never thought he would struggle scoring against Gayle/pollard.
    It will need a humongous effort from this team to make it to SF..

  2. The game was tight and really could have gone either way. Zaheer was a bit underbowled yesterday with Dhoni allowing the game to drift a bit in the middle. But this Indian team has a lot of resilience. For one they still managed a good score after the tottering start. And if Dhoni had not missed the Bravo run out…… I would really like to see RP Singh play the next game instead of Ishanth. Also Jadeja should get a look in maybe instead of Ojha. I think Yusuf should come ahead of Dhoni at no 5.

  3. Indians were attacked by the Short/Bouncing balls by the WI bowlers. Look at most Batsmen getting to the Short ones. Zaheer should have been used more in the beginning. Dhoni was defensive in his tactics rather he should have attacked to take wickets. Now India are again in the Same 2007 boat, where they have to beat both Eng and SA to find a chance to get to the Semis. It’s going to be tough !!.

  4. I think Ojha may come in handy against England. I thought he bowled well yesterday without luck. I’d certainly play RP Singh instead of Ishant Sharma. If Jadeja plays, he should come in for Irfan Pathan.

  5. Ganesh Devarajan

    Concur with Srikanth. If India fails to make it to the semis, the tournament will lose its charm ! All over the world the Indian fans have dominated cricket talking / discussing about it. This Twenty-20 requires one person to click on a given day and the winner gets decided. Consistency of one person clicking is important. We could quiten Gayle, but not Bravo. We had a chance to win even after Simmons got out. Hope we’ll do better against England and SA.

  6. Watching Dale Steyn and Parnell bowl , I don’t think Indians are going enjoy facing them. Overall Indian Campaign in this WC looks in Jeopardy.
    Having said that this seems to be the best T20 team which Indians could have fielded for this game.
    Facing below par pace attacks in the warm-up game/prelims didn’t help their cause.
    Hope they can raise to the occasion and perform

  7. Two shots of Dwayne Bravo stood out for me.

    Fine square drive of the front foot to the third-man boundary of an off-spinner – almost an impossible shot – a la GR Viswanath.

    A clean straight drive for six – finishing the shot like Keith Miller – I have not seen Keith Miller play only the photo and Jack Fingleton’s description.

    Chris Gayle played a horrible innings. Unless, WI screw up against England, it is SA and WI in the semis.

  8. I think it’s going to be SA vs WI/SL in the finals.

  9. There is very little margin for error in this format of the game. I don’t think any team can be consistently good in this short form of the game as they can in ODIs or Tests. So there is no point in whipping ourselves into a frenzy and banging our collective backsides with wet towels! However, having said that, let’s not forget that Team India finds herself in pretty much the same position in this episode of the ICCWT20C as she did in South Africa. India lost the first Super8 game to New Zealand and then won the remaining two to qualify for the semi-finals. The first of the two games was against England, in which Yuvraj Singh played that blistering knock. History may repeat itself. Then again, T20 has a way of writing history books in funny ways.

  10. I feel this should be the batting line-up today whether India bats 1st or 2nd.

    1. G Gambhir
    2. R Sharma
    3. Y Singh
    4. S Raina
    5. Y Pathan
    6. M S Dhoni
    7. I Pathan
    8. H Singh
    9. P Ojha/ R Jadeja
    10. Z Khan
    11. I Sharma/R P Singh.

    What do you guys feel ? We need Yuvraj up the order to gain the momentum earlier. Hope Dhoni stays quiet and bats at 6, with the current form he is. Fingers Crossed !!

  11. Two things that are different from last WC

    1. SA looks to be a much stronger team this time.
    2. India carries a huge burden of expectations this time, where as last time they played like, they had nothing to loose.

    anyways hope the young team shows good resilience.

  12. I SeeTheTruth

    I think India will lose all games from now on.
    Come on, our batsmen make more ads than runs. What else can you expect?

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