Ricky Ponting…

It is inevitable that several odes will be written for Ricky Ponting in the face of Australia’s free-fall to 4 in the ICC Rankings — a free fall that Ricky Ponting has overseen.

This piece below is from a regular reader Krishna Warrier.

I respect Ricky Ponting’s cricketing achievements.

  • Despite the nightclub brawls he got into as a young cricketer and an impressionable young man.
  • Despite the dubious distinction he has now acquired of becoming the first Australian captain to travel to England twice with the Ashes and return without them.
  • Despite the chequered legacy he has as captain after inheriting the crown from greats like Allan Border, Mark Taylor and Steve Waugh, each of whom went on to be honoured as Australian of the Year.
  • Despite his impressive achievements as captain of Australia.
  • Despite his mediocre record as a batsman in India, with an unforgettable hat-trick of ducks in the epic 2001 series.
  • Despite the fact that he is probably the only batsman in world cricket today who looks likely to overtake Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 42 Test centuries (not to mention run aggregate).

But I don’t like the man.

Because, every time fate presented him an opportunity to flirt with greatness, he disdainfully blew it away. Sydney 2008, where the cricketing world questioned his integrity, is just one example.

Tenacity and pugnacity are virtues a cricketer should be proud to possess. Provided he imbibes the spirit of the game, along with the laws that govern it.

— Krishna Warrier

3 responses to “Ricky Ponting…

  1. Australians will continue to be in denial over this and cite “waiting planes” and “money talk”, but Australian cricket has been in free fall since Sydney. That was the start of the end. I am hoping that Austrlian cricket will rebound. The world of cricket needs a strong Australia.

    And, for that the happen, Ponting has to go.

  2. he is simply the best captain ever.his arrogancy makes him so different.he is an awesome batsman.these features makes me to be his diehard fan.

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