Daily Archives: 4 September 2009

BCCI Corporate Trophy Update

Rahul Dravid, M.S. Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina and alike have possibly never entered or seen a corporate board room. They have probably never had to make any decision regarding cement sales, Air India flight schedules, or oil pipelines. For all you know, they may never have stepped into one of the corporate offices that they supposedly represent but they all gathered in four different cities to play a bizarre tournament called the BCCI Corporate Trophy. As though there is a shortage of tournaments in India, this is an add on an already packed schedule. I failed to see the motivation behind this tournament, I would have rather preferred the India A, B, C, D teams play.

Having said that some of the games have certainly been entertaining. It is certainly refreshing to see Rahul Dravid back in the thick of things captaining a side and not losing much of his competitiveness. His attack on Suresh Raina’s short pitch stuff weakness has certainly been a highlight so far. Badrinath has been very consistent. I would wished to see Abhinav Mukund get a few more runs for India Cements. MS Dhoni is back at hitting big sixes again and Joginder Singh has been a surprise package. Some of the ICL folks are back in business with Rohan Gavaskar brightening his chances of representing West Bengal again in the Ranji season.

All in a all, the loyal employees of some of the big corporate giants seem to have earned their daily wages by putting in their 8 hr day on the field and are ready to go on a vacation to Sri Lanka and later on to South Africa. I personally am keenly looking forward to the start of another India season (even if a big chunk of it may be domestic in nature). Cricket, in general, gets to be boring if the boys in blue are kept out of the game for too long.

– Srikanth