Poor decision making cost India the game!

If the primary wicket taker of the side does not come on till the 26th over, there is the problem right there. No matter what the circumstances, Dhoni’s decision to hold his ace bowler back may have affected Harbhajan  Singh’s performance on an otherwise up and down for India on the field. I believe Harbhajan Singh is like Tendulkar when it comes to participation. He needs to be in early and get as much of the strike (of the crease) as possible. Virat Kohli’s half trackers and Yusuf Pathan’s harmless spin let Shoaib Malik and Mohammed Yousuf settle in and subsequently destroy the Indian bowling attack. At 52 for 3, you would want to corner the opposition by attacking further and playing on the minds of a under confident batting line up. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

While Tendulkar seemed to fall in the run of play, Gautam Gambhir played a majestic innings. He hardly demonstrated any rustiness despite his absence from the game for a while and played some glorious shots. Dravid’s calling and running had a lot to be desired yesterday. Despite that Gambhir could possibly have made a stronger attempt at getting back to the crease. His departure was extremely crucial for India since the Pakistani side were starting to feel the brunt of hit attack.

Virat Kohli, in the way he batted, reminded me a lot of Robin Uthappa. His came, played and departed in a fashion that bore a similarity. I am not so sure if the decision to send Kohli up the order was a good one, on hindsight. Raina’s innings, I thought, was the most intelligent of all. He mixed some sensible running between wickets with the kind of aggression that he is so good at. He knew that Malik was possibly the weakest link and took him to the cleaners in an over where he played some amazing shots. I thought his dismissal was a really poor decision on the part of Steve Davis.

Yusuf Pathan lacks the ability to think of a game beyond 20 overs. In fact, when he is at the crease even that seems a far fetched thought. I have absolutely no idea as to why he continues to maintain his captain’s confidence. I would dearly like the explanation for why he is a better fit in the side compared to Rohit Sharma, Abhishek Nayar or even his own brother. He needs to be relegated back to IPL and T20 status.

While Dravid’s running and calling may undergo some scrutiny, I thought he held the innings well. He batted sensibly and as long as he was at the crease, there was always hope. Another terrible indecision cost him his wicket. While India did lose the game by 54 runs, overall, I do not think they played as badly as they did in their recent loss to Sri Lanka while chasing a similar total. Gambhir’s is a very welcome return to the side. They may want to consider playing either Amit Mishra or Abhishek Nayar in the next game instead of Yusuf Pathan. They could also consider playing both while keeping Virat Kohli out.

I still believe this Indian side, despite its depleted strength, is good enough to beat Australia and West Indies to go through to the next stage. In fact, I think they will do so with considerable ease. Exciting times ahead.

– Srikanth

21 responses to “Poor decision making cost India the game!

  1. Steve Davis seriously needs to get his eyesight checked.Four of the Pakistani no-balls he called were not no-balls.The bowlers’ heels were perfectly on the line.

    Raina is not one to disagree with umpires and if he did so yesterday,it clearly shows the poor standard of umpiring by Steve Davis.

  2. @Sekhar — Some part of the bowler’s foot has to be behind the line for it not to be a no-ball. On the line isn’t good enough.

    Also, Raina’s I thought was a 50-50 decision…not outright a bad one. Replays weren’t exactly conclusive of whether the ball hit the pad first or the bat. In that case, you’ve got to give the benefit of doubt to the umpire’s instincts…

  3. madhu sudhan rao

    Prasanna seems to know the laws of cricket more than you with your shortsighted comments

    The ball hit raina just above the ankle before hitting the bat

  4. Dhoni’s weaknesses as a captain are now coming to the fore. What’s Yusuf Pathan doing in the team? He is neither a bowler (who can bowl 10 overs – yeah I know he did in this match but he hasn’t had 10 over spells for a long time) nor an ODI bat (even T20 he has not been that consistent) and he survives because of “special” relationship with the captain. Dhoni got the batting order wrong; same with the bowlers as well. Why pick Virat Kohli over Abhishek or Karthik? Why not use Praveen Kumar instead of R P Singh? Lots of questions for MSD. Dravid did very well and performed to what his role demands in the team. Let us hope that they rectify all these issues before the next game against the Ozzies.

  5. Virat Kohli was not considered an automatic choice in the ODI squad. How could he play ahead of Abhishek Nayar?
    Centurion is a wicket with less bounce than the Wanderers and Raina should have come higher in the order.
    The bowling is getting repeatedly mauled and Pravin Kumar has to get a look in.

  6. 1. I was puzzled at Virat Kohli coming at a No.4 in a pressure cooker situation. It should have been Dhoni. That was a very poor choice. Dhoni has become more of a drafter ( 1-s and 2-s) than the big finisher. It would have been ideal for Dravid and Dhoni play some overs.

    2. Dravid in one-days hits the ball very hard, but straight to a fielder. It is impossible to run in that case. With soft hands, it is possible to take a single.

    3. Yusuf Pathan selection was mystifying.

  7. Ishant – the man of the series at Australia – the one who bowled a Ambrose style spell to Ricky Ponting and Hayden @ Perth is totally out of form. Ishant is bowling short, outside the off-stump or juicy half-volleys. He must be dropped.

  8. gnbmdr,

    At this rate you will probably recommend the entire Indian team to be replaced (possibly by the TN team!).

  9. madhu sudhan rao

    I am betting that Pakistan will lose to Australia–just to keep India out of the tournament.

  10. madhu sudhan rao

    With all the millions of rupees guaranteed at IPL games, Indian stars couldn’t care how they perform on the International arena–or how they can actually stay out of them by being ‘injured!!”—-a sad situation indeed.

  11. @madhu sudhan rao
    “I am betting that Pakistan will lose to Australia–just to keep India out of the tournament.”

    Not your fault that you were born with a loser’s mentality. We won’t do what you would do in our position. Instead we will probably do you a favour by beating the Aussies. It is now up to your team to do it’s job and win against Windies (which I consider to be 50/50).

  12. madhu sudhan rao


    Having reached the Semi Finals, Pak Captain Y Khan has hinted a few changes–to REST some players–that would weaken the side and Aussies have a better chance of winning now!!

  13. Oh!God!
    Let Pak beat Aussies and Let WI Lose to
    (Once upon a time)Mighty India with 1000 Runs Margin!
    And let whoever Meet us, the Mighty Ones,
    Lose their First 3 wickets in the First 3 balls
    And the Last 7 wickets in the second 7 balls..
    So that ,that Mighty, Greatest of the Greatest Batsman of all times ,
    Hit the Winning Run(only 3 reqd for a win!)
    And there we,
    the Mighty enter the FInals of the Champions Trophy!
    Oh!Lord with such a Performance by the Mighty
    I leave it to YOU WHO the Winning Team!
    Thank You in Advance!

  14. With this bowling attack and form, it will be fortunate if we beat the windies alone. The bowling needs a complete overhaul, no one except nehra has been half decent. I agree that singh should have been brought in early, but his wayward spell against the aussies does not suggest he is a top dog anymore. the way we have played we dont deserve a place in the semis

  15. I hate to say this but I find it a bit too hard to buy that Pak got out at 205 purely on Aussie efforts.But anyway India has itself to blame not Pak for having such a lousy bowling attack.

  16. madhu sudhan rao


    Don’t despair re Indian bowling attack
    The silver lining from this tournament is that we have unearthed a bowler that can take a wicket in his first over–

    M S Dhoni !!!!! What an all-rounder!!

    We might see him do a bit of umpiring in the next match at home Vs Australia!!

  17. madhu sudhan rao

    @ S. Rajah Iyer,
    You must be disappointed that the greatest of the greatest batsmen refused to show up –probably the stage was too small and the opposition, a couple of school boy cricketers, was not challenging enough for His Highness!

  18. Srikanth Mangalam

    Pakistan deserve to win the way they have played in the tournament so far. The only other team that has played reasonably well is England.

  19. @Srikanth Mangalam,

    We all want India to have the bright stars of future – Dhoni, Gambhir, Ishant, Raina, Virat Kohli, ….

    Ishant ( I am still hoping that he would be a star. I do not understand the fashion statement with multiple Rudraksham chains.)

    Raina – Clearly weak against the short ball bouncer and he takes the eye of the ball.

    Virat Kohli – The effects of T20 are showing up on Virat Kohli’s batting. Uppish square cut and a short-arm pull not in full control – those shots were not needed.

    Bowling – Ashish is OK, Harbhajan is probably over worked. India needs a wicket taking youngster like Ajantha Mendis.

  20. As for a long time it was, and it seems that yesterday.

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