“Sangakkara, this is not Ranji Trophy”

Sri Lanka is one of the most cowardly teams playing these days. These tigers at home are generally starting to accquire the “Mice” title abroad. Somehow, Sangakkara and his men seemed to think that, while it is Ranji season in India, the same rules applied to test cricket as well. “Kumar, you do not win tests in India on first innings lead”. If a team that had the ability to reduce one of the most proclaimed batting sides in the world to 32 odd for 4 in the first innings, somehow did not have the confidence in their bowlers’ ability to do the same in the second innings. A 200 to 250 run lead would have been sufficient and daring for the Sri Lankans to take on and apply pleasure on the Indian batting line up. They chose, however, to play their default option, accumulate runs on a placid wicket. How many times have we seen this scenario in the past with this team. I am not sure I truly understand how this team has managed to climb to #2 on the ranking, as I do not remember any significant series or even test wins abroad. But if this team has to truly earn name and respect as a major test playing nation, they would have to demonstrate through bold and risky decision making on the field.

This series can and win only gain momentum of any sort if, as Mohan points out, pitches are produced with results in mind and the two captains attempt to make things happen on the field. Sri Lanka has to show and demonstrate creativity to even contemplate winning test matches on Indian soil.

– Srikanth

5 responses to ““Sangakkara, this is not Ranji Trophy”

  1. A big first-inning-lead allows the leading team to have many men around the bat ( both for seamers as well as spinners) and create and pouch opportunities… I think Sangakkara did 60% the things right…. He gave India over four sessions to bat out … and made sure Srilanka did not have to bat again… But I am not sure if he had enough men close-in. You see some of the videos of test cricket in the 90’s….. You can see how attacking the fields were, back then.

    For seamers, these days there is invariably a mid-on and seldom a short leg. Gully is a totally out-of-fashion.
    Murlai too could have bowled with 2 slips, a leg slip or a leg-gully, a short-leg and a silly point. The sweeper cover and deep square leg were criminal wastes really.

  2. we all know what the kanpur pitch has in store…just hope Harbhajan hits form before Murali does

  3. Your opinion that they should have declared much before doesnt hold good. they obviously wanted to bat only once and that too when conditions were good for batting. declaring only after 200 run lead means, chasing 150+ total in the last innings when the pitch is at its worst, but it is an altogether different matter that pitch didnt deteriorate.

    But I agree with the second point that they are overrated to b at #2. They climbed there with wins at home only and it is evident that they are still seeking there first win in India, where conditions are atleast similar to Srilanka.

  4. Ganesh Devarajan

    I think we have to give a lot of credit to Gambhir and more so to Sachin and Lakshman for playing out the final day. If they had gone out cheap on the last day by some bad luck, Sangakara’s decision to pile up huge 1st innings lead would have been appreciated. Also people would have noticed immaculately as how Sachin does not perform in the 2nd innings and talked about it in length 🙂

  5. madhu sudana rao

    It is just sour grapes to criticise K Sangakara. Instead you should criticise at length, the inept bowling, fielding and field placements by the crorepathi Indians that allowed such a huge total. What do you want? Batsmen to throw their wickets just to let team India win!

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