India v Bangladesh, Test 1 Day 2

With India struggling at 218/3 at the end of day 1, Bangladesh was hoping for a solid performance to consolidate its position on day 2. For a while, it seemed like they were getting there, but 3 wickets in the space of eleven balls did more damage to their chances than what the score card shows.

I know it is still too early to say, but having knocked Bangladesh back to 59/3, India certainly seem to have the edge in this test now. Unless Ashraful and/or Shakib Al Hasan do something extra “ordinary” tomorrow, I think India may even end up taking a first innings lead. 

Earlier in the day, Tendulkar made 29 of the 30 runs India added, to notch up his 44th Test hundred (and his 89th international hundred). .. Boy, what a record that is. He may not get to a hundred hundreds in international cricket before he retires, but I don’t think he is done yet 🙂

With only half the number of overs bowled in two days of play and so many truncated sessions, it is hard to do a session by session score card – but one thing is for certain, if we made a SBS scorecard, the clear winner would be none other than the weather 😦


3 responses to “India v Bangladesh, Test 1 Day 2

  1. There are some records which should be expunged for great players. For the ordinary, every run matters.

    Out of 44, Sachin has 4 centuries against Bangladesh – very weak opposition and bowling.

    But, today his century against Bangladesh should be counted as a great century.

    Similarly, Hayden’s 380 against Zimbabwe should be expunged also.

  2. @gnbmdr

    It should not come as a surprise to you that I disagree vehemently with you. Just as a concert is a good concert regardless of the venue it is sung in or the accompanists it is sung with, a century is a century regardless of the opposition.

    Indeed, against an opposition like Bangladesh, a century ought to count as a double century because somnambulistic stupor and boredom could overtake any good batsman when playing against Bangladesh. John McEnroe would often say that he was bored waiting for Ramesh Krishnan’s serve to reach him! In saying that, I am not saying that Krishnan was a weak or “ordinary” player. All I am saying is that a century counts as long as Bangladesh is a recognised ICC Team. A goal scored by Brazil against Bhutan still counts as a goal because FIFA says Bhutan has what it takes to play in the World Cup.

    There is only thing that needs to be expunged and that is your comment 🙂

  3. I think Dinesh has been given enough chances and should be dropped for a future wicket keeper / batsman. I liked Dinesh’s batting technique (rather than regional bias).


    I would presume you concur with me on this point 🙂

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