Vijay Bharadwaj?

Cricinfo, at this point, includes “retired” Vijay Bharadwaj in the Board President’s X1 team for their game against SA. They, however, have omitted Sadanand Viswanath, Vinod Kambli, Praveen Amre, Gagan Khoda, Vivek Razdan, Atul Wassan, and Krishnamachari Srikkanth from the side. How did Mr. Bharadwaj get so lucky?



5 responses to “Vijay Bharadwaj?

  1. Good Catch 🙂

    But you missed Ajay Sharma and Vivek Rajdan and Rahul Sanghvi 😉

  2. Cricinfo has since made a unilateral decision to “drop” Vijay Bharadwaj and replace him with a younger R. Vinay Kumar. Will Vijay Bharadwaj target i3j3 for the injustice caused?

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  4. I don’t really know why selecters do not consider team’s balance before seleting it.I mean to say you name any team and you would find one seaming allrounder.Its not that India doesn’t have one you think of it ………………………….. yes here the name comes it is IRFAN PATHAN just don’t consider him bowler he is indeed an allrounder.Just think how great balance Jaquos Kallis provides to proteas….do you remember he was not there in the team in previous series against England and how did they suffer. Again in the previous match proteas played with four seamers one spinner and seven batsmen.How potent this team was and they proved it by winning the match by an inning.Indian team could have been same if krishnamachari had shown a little intellectual stuff.I hope he would comprehend the same before its too late…yeppp ..

  5. vijay sir was great cricketer,now he is great coach

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