2nd Test team – Why Raina/Karthik?

The BP XI against SA had Abhinav Mukund, Ajinkya Rahane, Rohit Sharma, Cheteswar Pujara, Abhishek Nayar, Shikar Dhawan and Manish Pandey besides Parthiv Patel a the keeper. Of the lot Rohit Sharma was chosen to stay back as cover for Laxman in the 1st test. He promptly got injured and Saha got a lucky test debut.

Strangely Raina is nowhere to be seen in this middle order bench that played for the BP XI. So how come suddenly the selectors wanted Raina ahead of stronger claims from people like Pandey or Nayar. Initially I thought I had stumbled upon the perfect answer that Raina was a left hander and they wanted him to tackle Paul Harris since there is no left hander in the middle order. Now I would have gone for Abhishek Nayar if I wanted a left hander or Manish Pandey simply because of the promise and the form he has been in. Both the initial selection of Rohit Sharma or the inclusion of Raina does not make sense to me.

Another strange selection is to bring back Karthik after his century in each innings in the Duleep final. Karthik was dropped after the Bangladesh tour and Saha picked as a reserve wicket keeper. Now Saha makes a debut as a reserve batsman and gets dropped. Another wicketkeeper who was dropped gets back in for scoring two centuries and will play as a reserve batsman?? Do we really need a reserve wicketkeeper for a home series? Or is Karthik is the next best batsman in the country?


10 responses to “2nd Test team – Why Raina/Karthik?

  1. Dinesh Karthick was dropped since Badrinath had to be selected for the first test. Murali Vijay is there already. Inter-zonal politics; usual stuff, nothing new 🙂

    Then, Dinesh Karthick scores centuries in both innings of Duleep Trophy. So, this gives a better case for K Srikkanth to bring him back in. DK is probably the second best keeper and perhaps a better batsman than Dhoni.

    Raina selection is another goof by the selection committee. Raina is suspect against the short pitched bouncers.

    Feel bad for Saha, seems like he did not do anything bad.

    Selection of BP does not seem to represent the second best talent in India. It is just giving a chance to get some international exposure.

  2. I accept to it!
    But, for a important series why should they pick uncapped players! Maybe for the Bangla tour uncapped players should have been selected.
    Instead of Raina, Wasim Jaffer could have been selected!

    Don’t think where this guy come?
    He has loads of talent in him and he is the right choice for test cricket. & He is leading the Mumbai side quite well. He won the Ranjis and had a good record in last season.

  3. Only in India 🙂 where the curator gives such public statements – not sure what Greame Smith & co would make of this.


    They were upset with the dustbowl at Kanpur last time and had complained to ICC.

  4. According to me, DK is far better WK and batsman than MS. The mandatory areas where MS excels over DK are leadership and being responsible. Having said that DK should have been in initial selection sighting his batting consistency.

    Raina’s selection – i dont see any justification for this. He cannot be seen as a consistent batsman. I wish he proves me wrong.

  5. Mohammed Tauqeer

    With Rahul, Laxman, Yuvraj and Sreesanth out of the team for the all important series with South Africa billed to the World Championship of Test Cricket, India needed someone with experience and in form to fill the void left by these big players to soak the pressure in the middle order and Irfan Pathan having been in form and performed both with bat and ball and Kaif having scored double century and a century for Central Zone in Duleep trophy and both under pressure were the best bet to be in the final 11 to start with SA. I have not spoken of any youngster coz this is not the situation to put a Cheteshwar Pujara or a Manish Pandey and dent their confidence if anything goes wrong, the situation would have been diff had there been all the big players available and the series not as big as this, we could push one odd player in. I am also not in complete favour of Dinesh Karthik who has been inconsistant and irresponsible in whatever oppurtunities he got. He is okay for shorter format of the game like Raina.

    I leave the debate open for others to come up with suitable candidates under such circumstances.

    But nevertheless the Indian selecters did the blunder of their life while composing a team for all important series.

    The result is that it put undue pressure on the openers (very good and probably best in the world at present). The middle order is still left shaky as its unbalanced.

    India is no 1 today only because of the initiatives taken during last selection committee. I salute Dilip Vengsarkar and Co for their forsithedness and hardwork who and clear the crap that Kiran More and co and Greg Chappel had gathered before them. And laid a foundation whose results we are seeing today.

    I can’t even smile on the blunders of this selection committee whose results we are just starting to see and this is effecting my team only and threatening to derail them from the no 1 position.

    If India manages to win the final test and if it manages to hang on to no 1 position, it will be due to some cheap games of pitch politics and because of some geniusses present in the team (Sachin, Sehwag, Dhoni and Zaheer) as they can inspire others.

    Last but not the least, this selection committee is a dissaster.

    Mohammed Tauqeer

  6. Wasim Jaffer is good enough!

  7. Good points Sanjay.

    And I am in a state of shock because I am in partial agreement with gnbmdr twice this week! Either I am going senile or he has found the ability to think straight 🙂

    I think the DInesh Karthik scene can be exained by zonal politics. Someone had to suffer for Badrinath. Karthik was dispensable and wad hence dropped for Saha to be brought in on a zonal ticket! Little did the goons realize that their utter pettiness destroyed team balance on the morning of the Test match! They have played with the fans of Team India and each one of them must be sacked from their post.

    Suresh Raina would be found out be Steyn and co. The whole world knows he is suspect against short pitched stuff. Bit then again he is the most experienced of the young lot, having played plenty of ODIs. I’d have preferred Virat Kohli or Rahane or Pujara. But they probably went for experience and mental toughness…

    I thought Mohammed Kaif might have got a look-in too. He has been in good form lately.

    The absence of Kohli and Raina from the BP XI is neither here nor there in my view although it would have been nice to see Kaif, Raina and Kohli in the BP team…

  8. Bala Balachandran

    Mohan has a point which is what I want to share too. I read this morning Srikanth’s response to media in rediff and dont agree with him. Selection committee looks only at short term on who to be in and who to drop, in a piece-meal fashion. I read one of mohan’s earlier story that a medium to long term strategy need to be seriously considered with RD VVS ST and possibly in a year or two Sehwag, Yuvi may also hang their boots. You cant expect Virat, Raina, Rohit and possibly DK to fill in the shoes straightaway in a test team. Look at SA and Aus .. they have ready pool of people available waiting in the wings to be draft or experimented and then groomed. Like BCCI , the Selection Committee is also only doing chop-and-change tactics .. Wake up India !!!!

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  10. I do feel sad for Saha, but realistically speaking, neither Saha himself nor were we expecting anything different. He was a lucky inclusion in the eleven, and despite his bravado in the second innings, lets face it: he does not deserve to be the next in line for reserve keeper or batsman…. though I won’t deny that he has promise. As far as Karthik’s selection goes, he should not have been dropped in the first place. I can think of only two reasons: as gnbmdr said – it could be inter zonal politics OR Cheeka wanted his South Zone to win the Duleep Trophy. Pick a guess!

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