Party is over now the hangover..

The IPL party got over and our players experienced the hangover in West Indies.

The basics to passing any exam or winning any tournament are very simple: Preparation and practice. BCCI thinks IPL is a practice and preparation tournament for WC.Rajiv Shukla from BCCI already knows  that the IPL was no reason for the team’s collective failure ! I beg to disagree.

 Have you ever prepared for an exam where you had to pass all your practice tests else your eligibility for the actual exam comes under question? IPL is not a practice tournament its much bigger than that. You cannot expect to play a demanding tournament mentally and physically for 2 months and expect to perform in the next one within a span of week. Especially when the quality of competition and the environment is completely different.

 People are quick to question Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s captaincy when the same guy was the toast of the town for winning the IPL.Such a drastic change in assessment of someone’s capability in such a short time needs to be analysed.The coach also has a role here.

 Gary Kirsten mentioned that IPL was the reason for his team’ s poor performance in last years WC. What stopped him from raising this concern before this year’s IPL? Is he not responsible for the Indian team’s mental and physical ability also for such a tournament? If there was a weakness against a particular bowling style what did the coach do about it? Especially after losing one match.I know you cannot overcome a weakness overnight but would you not try to work around your batting order to nullify the weakness a bit.

While the team selection was questionable and Krishnamachari Srikkanth will probably face the axe.The real question is does BCCI want to run a successful business venture or nurture a world-class cricket team? There is clearly a conflict of interest here.


8 responses to “Party is over now the hangover..

  1. I really do hope that Krishnamachari Srikkanth is axed… No disrespect to the guy, but under his chairmanship, too many undeserving South players have found their way into the team.

    He does not deserve to be the Chairman of Selectors of the Indian National Cricket Team.

  2. If Venkatesh Prasad and Robin Singh can be axed for poor bowling and fielding display, why should Gary Kirsten not face the same consequences for batting failure?

    The quality of cricket in the IPL cannot prepare players for international cricket. It can generate a lot of money though. But what would we do of that money if we cannot even reach knock-out stage of major ICC tournaments.

  3. I really dont understand whether hue and cry of such nature is warranted for the team’s debacle.

    Agreed! that they ve let all their supporters down, but its a game at the end of it!! U just cant expect the team to win all the time.. I think we are all matured enough as an audience to apprehend that nobody plays for their country to lose!! And especially for a character of MSD, he doesnt enjoy being beaten all the time!!

    I think as ‘loyal’ supporters of team India, these are the moments we need to back them up rather teaming up with media and showing our disgust is just amateurish!! Loyalty is all about being supportive during the tough stages and not just enjoying the success alone!!

    Lets just get out of this, after all failure is part of every human.

    Team India will bounce back!!

  4. @sudarshan
    While I have faith in the players and MSD but not in the system.The cry is against BCCI.Team india has got knocked out in consecutive T20 WCs for the same reasons but BCCI refuses to even acknowledge that IPL could be a factor because it is too busy counting cash.

  5. @Harinee

    I don’t believe Srikkanth will face the axe although he has a major conflict of interest (I will write about that separately).

    But I really don’t believe one could take a swipe at Gary Kirsten! Have you EVER dealt with people like the hoons in control of the BCCI? After last years’ IPL, Kirsten did say that the IPL was to blame. He was jumped on so hard that he could hardly breathe! And now you blame him for not enduring that sort of pain again? What are you? A sadist? 🙂

    He is responsible for the India Team’s welfare. And he has done a terrific job as coach IMHO.

    And before we start slashing our wrists, let us not forget that India is the #1 Test team and #2 ODI team!

    The coach works with the team that he has. He got a whole team of mentally exhausted players and a team that contained a truck-load of weak part-time bowlers. He worked with that as best he could, IMVHO.

    — Mohan

  6. @harinee

    Agree with ur views, but again the point i was stressing above was that there is no necessity for BCCI to acknowledge that IPL is a factor.. I am sorry i don find IPL has a ‘MAJOR’ reason at all, u want BCCI to acknowledge that IPL is the culprit, then u wud even want SA cricket board to acknowledge tat IPL is a reason cos Kallis, Morkel bro’s, Duminy, Boucher, Steyn, Van der merve, AB de Villers all played in the IPL!! on the contrary then u should also want the ACB to acknowledge that IPL is the reason for their success because of Dirk Nannes, C White, D Hussey, M Hussey, S Tait, S Watson, D Warner who played almost all their matches, went for all the parties, travelled extensively during IPL, add more Jayawardena the current top-scorer in the WC, played all the 14 matches in the IPL. So IPL cant be a Major reason for the debacle. Infact our weakness was facing the short deleveries which was exposed to the core and Ravindra Jadeja’s performance which was ‘awful’ (Please be noted that Jadeja didnt play even a single IPL match, now Jadeja has a reason to say that IPL is the reason for his failure and not by team India).

    Anyways appreciate ur views tat BCCI still has a long way to go in terms of developing professional skills to the Indian players to reach the level of their Aussie counterparts have attained now.


  7. Hey Nice post…is we need IPL??
    my friend wrote a blog read it and post ur valuable comment…

  8. Indian cricket team is so used to spending and wasting time in parties that they can not perform on the field. Here’s a post I just wrote and explored the reasons why Indian cricket team lost the 3 games in the ICC World T20 cup:

    I’m sick and tired of our players, they are good for nothing. And what a shame, they are dancing, laughing, having fun in TV serials and TV commercials. HOW CAN THEY LAUGH AT ALL after such performances? Shame!

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