Asia cup Indian ODI squad – Team looks fitter!

Yuvraj has been dropped. Add the dropping of Amit Mishra and the average fitness of the team has already gone up. Kris Srikkanth has also said that a lot of stress has been on fitness. The selectors have also looked at the record over the last year and seen how matches have been lost because of poor fitness and fielding! A pity they did not do that a year ago! They have also apparently looked at the consistency of the players’ performance to pick the team. The only consistent player in the current India A team has been Saurabh Tiwary and he has been rewarded with a call up. After all did he not score 3 fifties in the IPL? In case people forgot he also scored 3 centuries at an average of 98 in 5 matches for Jharkhand in the Ranji Trophy plate!!!!!! He might as well have scored 18 centuries in 20 matches for Alwarpet CC at the Chennai 1st Division League! Who cares about the Ranji Plate? BTW in case people missed it his last first class game was a Duleep Trophy match for East Zone and he scored 22. Forget those domestic giants like Pujara, Rahane, Badrinath, Manish Pandey, Abhinav Mukund etc etc. Did they perform in the IPL???? They only scored runs for their domestic teams! And that in the Ranji Elite or whatever that’s called. Of course Uthappa is injured and so was not considered. Yusuf Pathan has been dropped and rightly so. Ashwin has been retained because he is the only off spinner in the country at the moment who can keep Bhajji on his toes. Yuvraj can twitter about his daily visits to the gym but that’s not enough. He has to show off six packs in the next chewing gum ad before he will be considered fit. After all he is a proven performer and does not have to score runs anymore right? Jadeja has been retained because he can bowl the 5/6 overs that Yuvraj was bowling in the past. Cmon show me another left arm spinner in the country who can bat and field. And forget Iqbal Abdulla, he is only a domestic performer! So we minus Tendulkar we probably have the best team that has been selected. Except for my own personal opinions which are the following. Iqbal Abdulla for Jadeja and Badrinath/Pujara for Tiwary.


7 responses to “Asia cup Indian ODI squad – Team looks fitter!

  1. I agree with you. Personally, I have nothing against Tiwary. But leapfrogging him over some other proven performers, I don’t buy that. Feel sorry for Pujara and the others.

  2. Agree with you. Hope Tiwari fits the bill. He has looked good in IPL. who knows we might unearth another Dhoni in him .

    Badri would have been a good choice too. But then he has not even been selected for the India A squad , which tells us that its certainly over for him.

  3. Srikanth Mangalam

    Nice touch of sarcasm, Sanjay. It does make you wonder, doesn’t it, as to how far disconnected the selectors are from reality. Tiwary was not even considered good enough to be in the playing X1 for India A and yet he finds himself taking on the southpaw role in the Indian team alongside Suresh Raina.

    I am also not sure if Ashok Dinda fits the bill. It is rather unfortunate that folks like Sreesanth, RP, or Ishant Sharma do not get opportunities to redeem themselves. The only wise introduction, as you say, is Ashwin. I hope they stick to him and Ojha because both seem to have the talent to stay the course. I am not sure about their fitness and fielding capabilities though.

  4. Fail to understand persistence with Jadeja and would have liked to see Irfan Pathan been given a chance ahead of Dinda.How long do they expect to overlook manish pandey? Aniruddha srikkanth place has to be kept so abhinav mukund will have to wait to play IPL and get noticed since ranji no longer seems to matter.
    Though happy with yuvraj being dropped !

  5. Suresh Subrahmanyan

    Give or take, the team announced for the Asia Cup is just about par for the course. The majority of the players pretty much select themselves. Not everyone can be a Tendulkar, who drops himself ! Yuvraj’s absence goes unmoaned, which is as it should be. While he licks his wounds, someone should be talking to him like a Dutch uncle.

    Two names appear to be contentious. Nobody’s actually said it, but Dhoni could have gently nudged Tiwari into the side, and gained huge brownie points for himself amongst fellow Jharkandis. Having said that, Tiwari is not an entirely undeserving candidate, and those flamboyant, flying long locks will remind viewers of his now more sober, short back and sides captain. For God’s sake Tiwari, now don’t go and get yourself a haircut. Think about Samson.

    Not so sure about the second question mark candidate – Dinda. Bengal ticket perhaps ? But at best, he seems to be what the late, lamented John Arlott would have described as ‘an honest charger in’. In this line up, one suspects he will be keeping the benches very warm indeed.

    In sum, methinks this team will constantly threaten with the star value of its batting line up – capable of setting or chasing down challenging targets. Can’t say the bowling inspires the same confidence. The Zaheers and Bhajjis of the world tend to be mercurial. Match winners on their day, but if they get up from the wrong side of the bed, our fielders could be chasing leather like it’s going out of fashion. We’ll need Praveen, Ashwin or Ojha to step up to step up to the plate, with Raina and Jadeja to make up the numbers.

    And finally, there is the X factor – the MSD magic. His stock has been ruling pretty bearish of late. ‘Off with his head’, they cried after the T20 World Cup, baying for his blood. But after the Zimbabwe rout sans Dhoni, reason has returned to her throne. ‘T2o is a lottery anyway. This is ODI , almost like a Test series in comparison. And the big names are back. Dhoni will be in his elements’. God is in his heaven and all is right with the world.

    As our polyglot Chairman of the selectors, Kris Srikkant so eloquently puts it, in his best Mylapore accent I might add, ‘Jeetega by jeetega, India jeetega’.

    To quote Alfred E. Neuman, ‘What me worry ?’

  6. It appears that the selectors have developed an affinity for that revolving door again? Dinda and Tiwary will slip in and flip out that door! Yuvraj Singh will make a miraculous recovery and Yusuf Pathan will replace a suddenly injured Rohit Sharma!

    In the meanwhile, Dinda and Tiwary will do a job that Dinesh Karthik has perfected so well — drinks carrying. So good was Karthik at his art that we now need two people to do what he could do singlehandedly with aplomb!

    Kiran More criticized the axing of Yuvraj Singh. The Cricinfo article is here:

    Ironically in the picture that accompanies the Kiran More article on Cricinfo, Yuvraj Singh is pictured (strapped knee, tummy fat bursting through t-shirt). In that picture, does Yuvraj Singh even look like a sportsperson? Leave alone an elite sportsperson that represents his country?

    Quite wicked of Cricinfo to use that library picture to augment the article! Nice ironic touch guys 🙂

    — Mohan

  7. It was a good decision to dump Yuvraj. He has not lived up to the promise. Time to search for another talent. Even in test matches, Yuvraj is quite suspect against the moving ball, slanting across his off-stump. The way he nudges or pokes at that, he makes the viewers and Wicket-Keeper, slip fielders nervous.

    BTW, Suresh Raina has the same problem – outside the off-stump. In addition, he is also weak against the bouncer and somehow wiggles into an awkward position, and can not make any shot.

    Gautam Gambhir seems to be a little suspect on the bouncing ball on his off-stump.

    Dinda is a pure zonal selection formula. If not Dinda, they will have to select Wridhiman Saha.

    Tiwari selection seems to be based on IPL performance.

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