Home team advantage

I hear a lot about how playing at home gives an undue advantage to the home team and away-wins should be rated higher. Although I want to see India win more tests away from home, I see no reason why away-wins should be rated higher. Seriously, what is the point of playing at home if you don’t make the pitches that suit the home team’s strengths? Every country does it – India, Sri Lanka, Australia, you name it. And if you are playing a home series and an away series against the same country, it basically evens it out.

To make things interesting though, I suggest that we do away with the toss altogether and let the visiting team decide what they want to do – i.e. whether they want to bat or bowl first.

Just a thought Smile


2 responses to “Home team advantage

  1. Home team plays better at home; since they are more suited to the local conditions. Until neutral umpires and UDRS, there was also some home cooking – umpiring decisions favouring the home side.

    BTW, since Dinesh Karthik was not selected as the designated at the “Water” guy, you all heard the consequences.

    Crowd fingers ‘waterboy’ Yuvraj Singh


  2. I feel we should consistently send our team to three venues.

    Australia, New Zealand and England. (oh! South Africa as well)

    We will see better result, consistency in the performance, and better fielding.

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