Does it matter

The match fixing controversy is back again and the paramount question is how serious are the boards in rooting out the issue.The reason certain crimes are less in society is the fear of punishment.And the punishment is not clearly defined here.

None of the boards have put in any measures to prevent fixing of matches and ICC itself has not taken any proactive action in checking this evil. Do any of the boards or even ICC monitor suspected bookies, and the interactions players have with them. Unless there is a direct charge as of now, mere suspicions are never actioned upon.We are yet to see a full blown investigation of the infamous Sydney test match by ICC despite many questions  being raised on the outcome.

On the other side if we were to look at the subcontinental players who were found guilty, their current lives, status in society and the game, will no way detract future offenders.BCCI office bearers have no problems being seen with these offenders during matches nor have TV channels in hiring them as expert commentators. And they also get hired as coaches to budding cricketers.

The minute you start taking money to underperform your love for money has overtaken the love for the game.The risk you will get caught is low and unlikely to be at the beginning stage of your career(Amir being an exception). The possibility that you will be severely punished even lower in the subcontinent. The word “banned for life” has a completely new connotation here.Bans are issued only to be revoked.

So unless you have some integrity and play for the love of the game, there is nothing to stop you from making the quick buck.What does it matter if the poor cricket fan keeps seeing his hopes of a fair game no-balled again and again.

The World Cup is round the corner and if the subcontinent boards and ICC want to have a shred of integrity in the results, they better act fast and now.

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