Daily Archives: 13 November 2010

A visit to Chepauk

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I had just logged into Cricinfo to check on the progress of the TN-Delhi Ranji game. Cricinfo does not do live commentary (which is sad) but there were session updates. Delhi had declared at 209/9 with TN needing 319 for a win form 56 overs. TN were already 21/0 off 3overs at lunch and I thought there will be an exciting chase on offer in the afternoon. So around 1.30 after dropping off our son (he was officiating as an “explainer” in his school project) we set off to Chepauk to see what was happening. I was hoping TN would be around 120-130 for 2 or 3 and we could hopefully get a good chase. The stadium was quite a sight with the renovation works happening in full swing as you can see from the fotos. As we stepped into the pavillion terrace, we found a fairly decent sized crowd of almost 200 people watching the game. Abhinav Mukund was still batting and it looked like Badri was giving him company. I could not see the score as the main scoreboard had been pulled down. A youngish looking off spinner (M.Chauhan making his debut) and a sharpish left arm medium pacer (Suyal?) were operating. Badri was struggling a bit with his timing. The crowd was cheering every single with some old fashioned clapping, as the score crawled for a couple of overs. Then suddenly Abhinav tried a fancy late cut off a short one from Chauhan and guided it straight to Kohli at 1st slip. He walked back slowly looking dejected to a warm sprinkling of an applause and the TN captain Dinesh Kartik walked in to a slightly exaggerated applause. DK played a couple of balls quietly, Badri got 4 leg byes before the umpires called Tea. A few older gentlemen, who might have had an important role to play in the annual War of the Roses (State Bank vs Parry) in the 1960s TNCA league got up looking bored, I thought that TN would be happy to take 1 point from a draw. I looked up and caught sight of a small scoreboard that read 101/3. As the players got back, Kohli got some catcalls from some of the young kids, and he waved upstairs. Soon Shikhar Dhawan follwed in and we decided to leave after about half an hour. Watching live cricket is always fun and different from watching on TV. I feel this everytime I go to the stadium to watch a game. Given the noise and shouting that accompanies international games, it was a pleasure to just sit and watch some old fashioned cricket with clapping. Another interesting thing that I always notice in a live game is that the faster bowlers just seem much quicker than they appear on television! Just shows how difficult playing cricket can be! Got back home to find that TN finished with 143/3 drawing the game in the end. I am hopeful that I can get to watch for a longer period of time in the coming month as TN has most of its games at home. Have attached some pictures of the ground that is getting a facelift and is beginning to resemble some of the Australian grounds now.