Team India soars as the Aussies disintegrate!

If your resume states that you have spun a top atleast three times in your life, you would certainly qualify to play for Australia in the Ashes series. There has not been a better time for anyone on the streets of Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and other cities to play for the Australian cricket team. I personally am enjoying the complete disintegration of this team. Ricky Ponting is probably the worst captain of all test playing nations today. Even Darren Sammy managed to lead the West Indies team to a drawn series in Sri Lanka. Michael Clarke, the next possible alternative, drops sitters at slip, plays the odd big innings and in most circumstances looks lost in the middle. Marcus North was rumored as the next captaincy option. He does not even hold a place in the side. Australia is ready to move into the bottom half of all test playing nations and they seem to have absolutely no plans to change things around. While I am not necessarily a big fan of the English side, I have to admit that they are thoroughly destroying the Aussies physically, mentally, and emotionally. I have no sympathies for the Australian team and management at all. They chose to go this path and have suffered the consequences. Ricky Ponting has played one series too many. Andrew Hilditch makes Mohsin Khan and his team look good. Mitchell Johnson reminds me of his namesake, David Johnson, who played one test for India. To David’s credit, he did end Michael Slater’s career with a ball that was aimed at the fifth slip’s crotch.  This is so much fun.

On the other hand, Team India is peaking at the right team. There is absolutely nothing wrong that Indians can do at this point. India can put together three teams today and be prepared to take on the world. Despite previous criticisms from me, I have to concede that Krish Srikkanth and team have done a wonderful job. A contingent of 30 odd players currently playing for India are enjoying themselves, playing with surety and professionalism that we have never witnessed before. The clinical demolition of the New Zealand team was just as much as fun to watch as beating the Australians. It would indeed be a surprise if India does not make it all the way in the next World Cup. The series against South Africa has been billed as the final frontier and rightfully so. Once we conquer, and that we will, India would have achieved something that only the Aussies have been able to do so since Clive Lloyd’s team. The irony of it all!

Bring it on, South Africa!!

– Srikanth

4 responses to “Team India soars as the Aussies disintegrate!

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  2. Awesomely put up and cannot agree with you more!

  3. Oh India truly are the best cricket team in the world….NOT!!! Your indi boys getting your faces rubbed into the ground by the saffas…Can’t play bounce or hostile fast bowling…No. 1…yeah right, more like No. 4 at best. And your hero Sachin is only good on slow low wickets which are dead…

    Just arrange another series agaisnt Bangladesh and NZ so he can get his 50th test ton…lol!!

  4. I would not be too quick to write of Aussies as for Indians minus Zaheer the bowling sucks big time. We still have HS playing in the team based on his Indian performance…while other spinners are perennial hand maidens….

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