More random thoughts

Australia under pressure?

After the Ricky Ponting TV incident, and all the media attention it gathered, Ian Chappell said that an enraged Ponting would be a dangerous opponent. I’ve generally felt that when Ponting is under scrutiny, he is not at his best and as a result the team itself suffers. To add to this distraction, there are now reports that their match against Zimbabwe is being investigated by the ACSU. I for one, believe the Aussies are clean. But, these incidents are sure to be in the mind of the players, as they play against Sri Lanka on Saturday. Would be interesting to see how they cope…

It’s gonna be predictable

I had a whinge about it yesterday, and I going to whinge about it again today. The real tournament doesn’t start until the quarter finals, and I bet the make up of teams at that stage is going to be as follows –

  • Pakistan, Australia, Sri Lanka  and New Zealand from Group A
  • India, South Africa, England and West Indies from Group B

The teams going into the next round are so predictable, I sometimes wonder whether I should skip watching this charade in the Group stage and just watch the games from the quarters. I know it won’t happen, though Smile….and hopefully there will be enough close matches like the India-England game to keep me interested and happy.

Anyway, who came up with the idea of having 14 teams in the tournament and this format?

Will RSA win the cup?

Peter Roebuck thinks so, and so does Mohan. I am not so sure, just yet. I have to agree they definitely look like the team to beat in this tournament, but they always choke under pressure….and when the expectation is high, they always come up short.



3 responses to “More random thoughts

  1. Some games are interesting. Netherlands batted very well against England and Ireland as I watch is threatening to upset England today.

  2. LOL! Ireland won and I am glad they did 🙂 We need more matches like these in the WC.

  3. You wish you’d written this article AFTER last night’s game. What a sensational win for the Irish!

    BTW, I see nothing wrong with a 14-team competition. I see nothing wrong with playing 2 games a day too (3 games on weekends), BTW and shrinking the competition to conclude in 25 days! It is possible.

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