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India-England game: Good result for India!

I know what you are thinking – “How could this be a good result for India?’” India scored 338 runs, Sachin scored a century, Yuvraj found form and yet Indian didn’t win? Surely, this should rate as a disappointing result?

Not really. India needed a wake up call – and they got it, and that too without losing the game. Team India couldn’t ask for a better result.

In all fairness, India actually didn’t deserve to win against England. As Mohan pointed out, India were just overly confident and flat in the second half of the game and they really needed to be taken down a peg or two. A loss would have done just that. But, India after that Zaheer over were a different team, and England didn’t deserve to win either.

The Batting Powerplay

I am not sure if teams have worked out the best way to handle this yet. The most important question is when to take it. Do you take it when the two batsmen in the middle are doing really good, and they want to improve the scoring rate even further? Do you take it after the 34th over when the ball is changed? Or do you take it in the 41st over, just before the slog fest begins. How about taking it right after the bowling power play ends? Too many options, but no right answer.

And shouldn’t the batting power play help the batting team? It doesn’t seem to quite work that way. Just look at England – they were cruising along nicely and had the game all wrapped up, until they took the batting powerplay! 

Singles dry up and the batsmen just get out trying to hit over the in-field. I think a new strategy is needed.

What I don’t like about this World cup

  • World cup or Champions trophy: You could win all the games in the Group Matches, absolutely dominate them, and then get kicked out of the tournament in the first match after that if you lose. Sounds like great injustice to that team. This is almost like the knock out style ICC Champions Trophy, but with a long and prolonged qualifying round preceding it.
  • Length: 49 games, over one and a half months. And most of the games being one sided affairs. We’ve had 14 matches so far, and how many were riveting? One! Ok, the Pakistan-Sri Lanka encounter wasn’t bad either. But you get the idea. There are far too many mediocre games. Not good for the game.



4 responses to “Random Thoughts

  1. Mohan Krishnamoorthy

    Mahesh, there’s something to be said for the AFL-style elimination, where the league-stage champions (minor premiers) have two bites of the cherry!

  2. That was my first thoughts too, that this was a not-so-expensive wake up call for India, specially with a couple of games coming up against the ‘minnows’ 🙂

  3. Indian opening was Marvelous but after the wicket of Sachine Tendulkar Indian team did not increase much score in total. and the batting of South African players was marvelous and the knock well and won the match.

  4. Song on India’s loss

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