Who is India going to face in the quarters?

At the end of the group stage, India will either finish #1  (based on my predictions) or #2, if SA beat India. This means that India will play either the #3 or #4 team from Group A.

So, Indian fans will be eagerly looking to see who will end up in these two spots. Here are the remaining matches in Group A:

  • Australia face 2 weak teams and Pakistan.
  • Pakistan face 1 weak team and Australia
  • NZ face 1 weak team and SL
  • SL face 1 weak team and NZ

…and their current points stand as follows

NZ 6
Pakistan 6
SL 5
Australia 5

Effectively, it is down to two games deciding what the final standings are going to be: NZ vs SL and Pakistan vs Australia.

My prediction is that SL will beat NZ, and Australia will beat Pakistan. Which could mean that India either face NZ or Pakistan…

What are your predictions?


3 responses to “Who is India going to face in the quarters?

  1. New Zealand. I am sure they will lose to Australia and Sri Lanka.

  2. Either way, it will probably mean that one team from the sub-continent will get eliminated! Pakistan, from looking to top their group, has slid. Thanks to one bad day and one terrible ‘keeper!

  3. Pak has a better bowling attack than NZ but their batting is very inoconsistent. If the pitch assists the bowlers the Indians might struggle to chase a smaller total. We did struggle a bit against Ireland while chasing. However Pak can help us with their fielding 😉
    NZ is a much better fielding side. Though their top order has been inconsistent, they have all rounders like Styris, Oram & Vettori who can be very handy while chasing. But their bowling is not so great and very recently Indian batsmen enjoyed their bowling in the home series.
    But yeah, I would rather face Pak in QF than in SF or Final.

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