Random thoughts 23rd March

India – Batting team?

So, everyone keeps saying that India is a batting side. We do have one of the best opening pairs in ODIs – Tendulkar and Sehwag. And they have added over 650 runs and have 3 centuries between them. Following them at No 3 and No 4, we have Gambhir and Kohli. Gambhir has a couple of half centuries and Kohli has a century and a half century to his credit. And then comes Yuvraj Singh – with one century and 3 half centuries in his five outings.

But after that – nothing. Take the minor teams out of the equation (Bangladesh, Ireland and Netherlands), and India have lost all wickets in their allotted 50 overs to all other teams. I am not so sure now that we should call ourselves a batting team – although the batting really is our strength. Apart from Zaheer Khan, our bowling has been weak. And the fielding – well, there is nothing much to write about it.

Pakistan – Bowling team?

Unlike India, I would classify Pakistan as a bowling team – apart from that performance against New Zealand, their bowling has held out quite well. They have Afridi and Umar Gul in the top 5 wicket takers of the tournament, and as I write this blog, they have skittled out West Indies for 112! And their bowlers have had good economy rates too.

And like India, they seriously need to improve in the other areas. The question is – Is being good in just one area enough to win the World cup?

Batting Powerplay

The batting powerplay has really been India’s curse this tournament. IMO, India should take it straight after the bowling powerplay.

Would love to hear any other opinions out there Smile

Last ODI?

Depending on who wins, the India Australia game could potentially be the last ODI game for two people who have really made a difference for their teams. Gary Kirsten for India and Ricky Ponting for Australia. Kirsten has already announced that he is finishing up after the World cup, while Ponting keeps insisting that he won’t retire – maybe not, but something tells me that the selectors will give Ponting the nudge if he doesn’t go himself….unless of course he wins the cup another time for his country.


4 responses to “Random thoughts 23rd March

  1. Team India and all indian folks we are coming in Mohalli…. To beat you there we wish you win against Australia and we will beat you there

  2. You make a good point about the batting. In fact you are in exalted company, Shastri was saying the same thing in the last game againats WI 🙂
    However, the advantage of delaying the batting PP is that it keeps the bowling captain guessing. He has to hold back on his key bowlers. Thats why I am not a big fan of taking it too early.

  3. It’s rarely happened before, but I’d like to see the Batting Powerplay taken around the 23rd over. I’ll give you the reasons why:

    A. The ball usually does not start reversing by then. Reverse swing comes into effect usually around 27th-28th over.

    B. If we take it with the changed ball in the 35th over and lose 2 wickets, the new batsmen get only 2-3 overs of time before they have to begin on their death over play. However, if we lose 2-3 wickets midway, our middle order will get a chance to get themselves in before they have to go for a slog. In this scenario, we may not make good use of the Powerplay, but will make good use of the death overs. Currently, we are doing neither.

    C. If we happen to make good use of the Powerplay during that period, not only are we set for a HUGE total, but we also reduce the chance of the opposition getting reverse swing later on as the ball will get scruffed up on both sides with a bit of hitting.

    I remember the occasion when Sachin Tendulkar had scored 163 in New Zealand in 2009. India had taken the Batting Powerplay around the 27th over, I think. And the Kiwis were at a loss on what to do as Tendulkar and Yuvraj (I think) managed more than 50 in that duration.

    I also do remember one occasion when India took it in the 17th over, with Sehwag and Yuvraj batting. Again, the bowlers suffered a brutal fate. So yes, I am a fan of early use of Batting Powerplay and putting the opposition on the backfoot.

  4. Given the circumstances & form I reckon India will win outright !!!

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