Random Thoughts 27th March

Rankings mean nothing

The four countries in the semi-final happen to be India (ODI rank #2), Sri Lanka (#3), Pakistan (#6) and New Zealand (#7). Which means the countries ranked 1 (Australia), 4 (South Africa) and 5 (England) didn’t make it. At the start of the World cup, the bookies had the favourites in this order – India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Australia, Pakistan, England, New Zealand and West Indies. So, even the bookies didn’t get it right with South Africa and Australia not even reaching the semis.

I guess the unpredictability is what makes events like this exciting. But being an Indian fan, I hope India does live up to its top billing Smile

Indian team composition

What is the team composition for India going to be like? Would they stick to the same winning combination that beat Australia? Or change it according to the opposition and the venue (Mohali traditionally favours pace)?

I guess Raina has done enough to keep Pathan out. Or would you consider Pathan because he is good against spin (and Pakistan do play a number of spinners, unlike Australia). If you want to play him, who would you leave out? Kohli??

And after Munaf’s bad performance against Australia, would you pick Nehra ahead of him? But wasn’t he the one who gave away those 14 runs against South Africa in that last over….?

Lots of questions…but if you ask me – Don’t make any changes. What would you do?

The Batting side vs the bowling side

As I mentioned in my previous post, India can be considered more of a batting team, while Pakistan is more of a bowling team. It is going to be an interesting contest between the Indian top order and the Pakistani bowling line up. At the same time, the contest between the Indian bowling and the Pakistani batting will be one between two week links. So, it is going to be very balanced. Or is it?

In any case, the semis between the two teams is going to be a cracker of a game – as Shastri would say.

Sehwag against Pakistan

Apart from that one game against Bangladesh, Sehwag really hasn’t played to his potential. But, he loves playing against Pakistan. Will we see another big innings from him this time? I sure hope so…


13 responses to “Random Thoughts 27th March

  1. I hope Sreesanth gets another chance. Couple of wickets upfront could open up the floodgates.

  2. Munaf is too predictale and Nehra has lost his confidence. Sreesanth has that X-factor (our “Shaun Tait”). He could be woeful in one spell and comeback really well later on in the game. One bad game against Bangladesh (when other bowlers also got the treatment) should not rule him out completely. If by some miracle we can get back a fit Praveen Kumar into the squad it would be great! Otherwise we need to pick Sreesanth, as the other two will surely get hammered.

  3. The song on India’s victory against Australia in Quarter Finals

  4. paddy Padmanaban

    I dont expect any changes barring injuries. Also, I expect the big diff between Afridi & Dhoni (in terms of their attitude) to have a major impact on the game. If any of the Ind batters (Sehwag, Tendulkar or Youraj) have a couple of big overs, Pak will start to panic.

  5. Hey all… Nice blog here… Thought I’d share an interesting link on Live blogging on IRTV ‘Dressing room drama before Ind V Pak WC’ Semi Final http://indiareloaded.tv/article/dressing-room-mind-games-and-more

    Have fun and good luck

  6. Why not bring Pathan instead of Munaf Patel.

    Yusuf better fielder than Munaf
    Can bowl a few overs with the new ball
    Can hit all the spinners out of the park

  7. Think it should be Nehra or Sreesanth.Mohali is good for pacers, no point bringing another part-time bowler when batting has been solid.

  8. Dnt take pakistan so easy. its a team with an extrme strongest bowling attack. have u peopl forgot how ur current selctr srikanth got retierd? that blow frm wasim and 14 stiches. ur clash z against that bowling. beaware indians!
    pakistan zindabad

  9. Well, it will be good for India to go into the semifinal with the same team and repeat what India has been doing thru the past World Cups.

    In case you are interested to know what other Indian Athletes have been doing in other sports do check out http://indiansportsstrength.blogspot.com.

  10. sensbl and calm

    @ ilyas
    thats why pak has good numbers against india in past worldcup matches so far . . . . . . .
    You people can’t resist against our batsmen thats why bowled such follish delivries,and like a bad loser lost the game.

  11. Sometimes I wonder if dropping Munaf and taking Yusuf Pathan is a good idea. Against the Pak bowling and considering our love for collapses maybe 8 batsmen and 3 good bowlers is a good idea. Three frontline bowlers in Ashwin, Zaheer and Bhajji. Then we have 8 batsmen + Bhajji in at number 9 who can whack the ball a bit. And then declare to the Pakistanis — hit how much ever u’ll want to — we’ll chase it down 😛

    Alas I am not in the selection committee 😉

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  13. All of us were interested in witnessing an epic clash between the PAK bowling and INDIAN batting,,,but ultimately it was the opposite thing that proved to be better of the two contests . That is why cricket is unpredictable !

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