Did India deserve the win?

Some of the “great critics” of Indian cricket maintain that India did not deserve to win yesterday and here’s why. Of course I being a die hard India fan will give my own counters in brackets just to even the equation and justify the win!

1. Dhoni picked the wrong guy in Nehra instead of Ashwin. (He came in, Dhoni wanted options and he came good so..)

2. Umar Gul packed the off side and bowled too straight to allow Sehwag to get a great start. (Gul wanted to get Sehwag out LBW but it happened after the man had got 38 runs in double quick time. Finally they did get him LBW and just in case people forgot Sehwag also hit some through the off side.)

3. How many catches can a team miss? (So what? The 85 runs were still worth their weight in gold and the strokes played to get them … I leave that to the experts!)

4. Too many extras were given away in the end by Pak. (They bowled badly. How many extras did India give away? They bowled well!)

5. Hafeez played a bad shot when he had just settled nicely. (Handling pressure in the name of the game! Sorry but Indians handled pressure much better yesterday)

6. Umar Akmal should have been promoted ahead of Misbah. (That is where the captaincy of Dhoni makes the difference)

7. Afridi should have asked for the power play as soon as he came in. (Read counter in point no 6 above)

8. Misbah should have timed his charge atleast a couple of overs earlier. (Ok we deserve to win so no more counters!)


9 responses to “Did India deserve the win?

  1. 1. India played well and also played as a team in all the departments of the game.
    2. Dhoni’s captaincy at its best. He did admit that they misread the pitch.
    3. This is not the first time Pakistan collapsed like this in a WC against India. In the past much experienced players failed to handle pressure in a WC. Atleast we should give credit to their youngsters after what they have gone through in the last year.

  2. I think this game showed that disciplined bowling with good fielding can still win against great bowling. I think this was a team, India win, in that they kept their nerves well and fielded with 120% effort. Batting in both sides could have been better….

  3. Bala Balachandran

    Contrary to all criticisms/comments on inclusion of Nehra and exclusion of Ashwin, Dhoni justified his selection of who he wants in the team. When Pak were 100-1, comments of Rameez/Akram of Pak’s likely win, were a bit premature, but both teams pegged the runs due to astute bowling at the respective innings. A BIG SHOW ahead on Saturday with the news that Chaminda/Randiv are on standby in case of some issues arise with Murali/Matthews unable to play !!!

  4. Bala Balachandran

    Sorry, the stats were when Pakistan was 100-2 just around 20 plus overs …. which was a typo in my earlier posting ….

  5. I don’t understand how any of the reasons given above are reasons of India not deserving to win. All of them are mistakes done by the Pak team. If you commit such blunders in a WC semi final against a top ranked team you deserve to lose. Hence yesterday, Pak deserved to lose.

  6. This is ridiculous. I agree with Trideep Basu, India won because they held their nerves and defended a below par score under the pressure of playing a big game. Its too late for ‘if’s and ‘but’s. If Sehwag and Yuvi read Riaz’s ball, or if Gambhir did not step out to Hafeez..it would have been a different story!!

    If India fielded half as bad as Paks did, it would them playing in the finals. Raina, Munaf and Nehra stepped up..the Indian fielding was spot on! Not a single extra till the 37th over.

  7. actually , you need “big-match” players to win big matches like these – suresh raina has proved that ability of his time and again in the IPL . sachin was the top run getter in the match as he has done in countless occasions ! Pakistan lack that ‘big-match’ player – Misbah comes close to being somewhat like that but he was horribly wrong in his strategy in this match ! come on , where are the ICC ODI rankings going to go – india are 2nd and pakistan are 6th !

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  9. Overall comments all those are some what right but dhoni has good time thats why Indian won the match.He is icy boy and lucky boy to our cricket team


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