Top Ten Reasons why the Cup is ours

  • Australia may still be #1 in ODI rankings, but the only teams they beat in the World cup were a NZ team, that wasn’t in the right frame of mind after the earth quake and teams that were ranked below 10 
  • South Africa choked. Again.
  • England lacked consistency. They would get beaten by Ireland and Bangladesh, but then turn around and beat South Africa. In the end, they just weren’t good enough.
  • There were only 3 good teams in the sub-continent, so we had to allow NZ to play in the semis. But only in the semis.
  • Thanks to Dhoni’s prayers and Pakistan’s self-destruction. Who else would let Tendulkar play again and again and again and again. And again.
  • Sri Lanka could ask for a re-toss, but couldn’t ask for a re-match.
  • Tendulkar stopped scoring hundreds. If he scored a hundred, India just couldn’t win. Remember the games against England and South Africa.
  • My mum decided not to watch the game. Talk about Butterfly effect.
  • Poonam Pandey – Should I say more? Or is it less? I am confused
  • India just played well Smile


5 responses to “Top Ten Reasons why the Cup is ours

  1. Yuvraj getting up early and hitting the gym!!

  2. This Sachin-ton-India-loss cliche is getting worse by the day. We are talking about a man whose 33 tons won India matches. No one else had scored 33 tons overall in ODIs.

  3. Bala Balachandran

    A surprise thing in this WC has happened – why no comments from either the chairman or any of the selection panel … also nowhere Krish Srikkanth was seen .. Comments will be welcome from anyone on this …
    Also the GOI, inspite of huge hipe in the press of threats, the WC went of very well and due credit should be given to them too !!!
    All in all, WC is India’s for next four years until they come to Downunder in 2015 !!!

  4. Sachin and Team India

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