A bit too much?

(I am most likely a minority in what I’ve got to say next, and it is likely I may get flamed for this post, but here it is anyway)

Yes. Indian cricketers have won the World cup – it is a great achievement. No doubt about that. And we as a country are proud of what our cricketers have achieved.

But I am somewhat disturbed about the amount of money that is being splurged on them. I don’t have a problem with BCCI giving 10 Million Rupees (or Rs. 1 Crore) to the players – after all they employ them. It is like a bonus for a wonderful achievement. But some of the other announcements, IMHO, is a bit much.

I don’t live in India anymore, and I don’t pay taxes over there – but if I was still living there, I wouldn’t like the money I pay as taxes to the government be splurged around to cricketers who are paid well anyway. There are surely other ways of showing our appreciation to them, don’t you think?


8 responses to “A bit too much?

  1. totally agree… Even if they did want to show appreciation by spending it on cricket or sports’ can surely do that by spending that money on improvements/facilities for the upcoming players, the facilities at the grounds ( heard some horror stories with respect to toilets etc on the grounds) and other such things 🙂

  2. good point. this is again just a game of political one-upmanship with the state governments trying to outdo each other with their rewards. The only thing they’re outdoing each other at though is being jerks.

  3. I referred to ‘balance’ in one of my earlier replies. This is quite noticeable in both the fans and organisations by its absence!!

  4. Bala Balachandran

    I think generally reward should go with performance regardless where one performs, but the WC has created unprecedented ego and competition between the various state governments. While in India still below 70% live in poverty, money could be better spent in various spheres. Not for one moment I am against reward for performance, but where is the end to this height of ……???????? Of course the rewards are from the public exchequer and all citizens have paid tax in some form or another !!! But this is India ….

  5. Yes, the splurging on the players is surely going out of hand. The same money can be used in countless ways which would be more meaningful. And if they are so much in love with sports, why not spend the same amount on other sportsperson. On our hockey players, for instance? In my blog, I’ve written about the euphoria, the immense of shared passion and how it can actually become meaningful at http://nukkadchat.wordpress.com/2011/04/06/the-miracles-of-shared-passion/

  6. oh yes,that is well and truly unjust for the vast majority of middle and lower class people who struggle to find two square meals a day !

  7. Sachin and Team India

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