IPL and leagues..

We are two weeks into IPL and there have been some interesting results. After India winning the World Cup, IPL somehow does not excite much this time. It does not help that most teams have gone for a complete changeover so its really a trying time for any fan to remember who is playing for whom.The only familiar looking teams are Chennai SuperKings and Mumbai Indians.

The points table also has a new look with Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI occupying unfamiliar positions at the top of the table and Chennai Super Kings at bottom.Think what’s worked out for the teams doing well is not having too many players from the World Cup teams. Most of the World Cup stars have been delivering jaded performances especially the batsmen and pacers.

Meanwhile there is talk of other player leagues similar to IPL by Pakistan and Sri Lanka. I highly doubt cricket can sustain league competitions across countries. Football leagues work because the sport is followed allover the world unlike cricket whose primary fan base is the subcontinent. And despite its international players IPL remains primarily a Indian tournament.Cricket needs to grow to much more internationally and have a more astute ICC to have successful international leagues like Soccer.

Also If IPL continues to affect schedules of international matches, BCCI may not be able to enforce its clout in pushing boards like SL for long. Cricket boards are not going to tolerate watching their key players choose  IPL  over their country or retiring early to prolong their IPL career. On the positive side IPL proves again to be a great platform to discover a talent like Valthaty.


9 responses to “IPL and leagues..

  1. That’s a great point about the IPL affecting international schedules and annoying the relative boards.

    If players continue to retire, then surely there will come a tipping point with the other nation boards and the whole thing could get very messy.

    I think that the IPL has to try and work with the other international boards to try and reach some sort of agreement.

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  4. I couldn’t hold myself back after reading Gavaskar and Kapil Dev reaction to Duncan Fletcher.
    Mohinder Amarnath was most of the time not good enough to be in the team in Sunil Gavaskar’s captaincy and now he is good enough for coaching.When Hindi was not a problem for Gary Kirsten why is it one for Duncan Fletcher.
    I thought Kapil Dev was the only one who craved unnecessary attention and was uttering gibberish every now and then sad to see Gavaskar also in same boat.
    Maybe the WC win is too much to stomach!

  5. In IPL 4 this time two new teams have been introduced i.e, pune warriors and kochi tuskers

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  8. The main hilights in 2011 IPL is about kolkata knight riders. Their performance in this IPL is fabulous. I think they have created some hype for the next IPL.

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