An eye for an eye?

Several things have happened during the last few days that have kept me thinking that the BCCI with all its wealth to bloody well starting dictating terms in a more direct way. Enough of this nonsense. Here are some examples of what has got me going:

1. The Indians led by Tendulkar have constantly expressed reservations about the DRS. Instead of establishing and demonstrating the credibility of the system, the rest of world has only been critical of India’s antics. The englishmen do not agree with a review based decision on VVS Laxman and all hell breaks loose. Now the hot spot has to undergo testing. So, it takes an anglo-saxon team to complain to establish proof of performance?
2. Hotspot fails to detect an edge of VVS Laxman’s bat (which never happened). The english fielders behind the stumps mistook Matt Prior’s release from his rear as the edge and they all question the hotspot. Michael Vaughan contributes further to Prior’s rear emissions by claiming VVS to be a cheat. Stuart Broad licks VVS’s bat hoping to get high and finds nothing…And we are supposed to take all this and stay silent?
3. Ian Bell gets run out because he is high on Prior’s release, Strauss goes demands extra gaaji for Bell and we are supposed to give in?
4. Swann kicks the stumps thinking he is playing for Nottingham Forest, apologizes and gets an award for sportsmanship and we are supposed to sponsor the prize?
5. Nasser Hussain is unable to explain to his two sons why Harbhajan Singh was given out lbw even though there was a big inside edge and blames India for being a disgrace not accepting the DRS. (I suggest he is better off spending his time trying to explain why the Brits went to war in Iraq or why he continues to work for a company owned by Rupert Murdoch to his sons, that will be a true lesson in life!!!). And we are supposed to pay his salary?

All of this gets me going and am out of control till I read Dravid’s interview at the end of the day. I read about how the team discussed the Bell event and related it to what happened to Laxman in West Indies. Who can also forget the ugly incident involving Sachin Tendulkar and Shoaib Akhtar in Kolkata. Where was Wasim Akram then? And I say to myself, I would rather hold my head high and say that I support a team that has Dravid, Tendulkar, and Laxman three of the greatest ambassadors of the game there has ever been than fall for the bait. And I hope that India will pull out of this challenge much like what happened in Australia a few years back. This is a team that is unparalleled in its ability to bounce back from the most difficult of situations and this series could very well be another one of those.

Hoping for the best.

– Srikanth

4 responses to “An eye for an eye?

  1. Are you suggesting the BCCI start its own competition ?

  2. I think you spoke for all supporters of Indian cricket. Everyone knows that DRS does not improve the quality of umpiring or correct decisions as it is not fool proof and also there is a restriction i.e. if you get two reviews wrong it doesn’t matter if subsequent decisions are still wrong and that defeats the very purpose of DRS!! Hot spot was supposed to be more fool proof among all the technologies used but the Poms are crying foul because they couldn’t get VVS out the genuine way. Nasir Husain is one of the worst commentators ( I can even listen to Shaz but not Nasir) – he is blatantly biased, illogical and bereft of ideas. Couldn’t agree more when you mention VVS, SRT and RD – no other team has such role models and full of honesty and integrity.

  3. Now that we have lost all English/Aussie commentators are at it. Saying they lack fighting spirit , playing Bangladesh etc.Our own media is asking for heads to roll.How silly people forget this is the same captain who won us the world cup and a significant number of present team members contributed the win?
    We just forget that cricketers are human too.And the white brotherhood certainly seems to have a very short memory and is looking for a reason to criticise the Indian team.

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