Too much made out of a loss…

Yes India has been routed in the Test Series by England.All ex-cricketers and journalists have found a chance to air their opinions on same.For a change Englishmen are leading from the front on pointing what is wrong with the Indian team.The victory seems to have given them a louder voice than before.
Kapil Dev finds an excuse to blame batsmen even when bowlers fail.Rather original criticism coming from a man who lead his team to 0-6 and 0-3 post WC-83 triumph.

Ian Chappell  seems to be back at his favourite job of criticizing Indian cricket. If he had his way Sachin Tendulkar would have retired years ago.I would rather have him focus on Cricket Australia and his brother Greg Chappell’s exit.Oddly we are seeing some Australian players express same sentiments about Greg Chappell as Indians did under him.

The general babble in the press has got so foolish with a suggestion to drop the captain for a match for losing his wicket.

Did we play bad cricket? Yes. But should we denounce the entire team, the captain and establishment on the basis of one series. Absolutely not, let us not forget the same team under Mahendra Singh Dhoni had not lost a Test Series till this one.

We just won the World Cup 3-4 months back under the same establishment and captain with  many from the same team.We need to show more support and understanding to a team which is going through a lean patch than call for heads.Oddly a nation which shows such patience with irresponsible governance has little patience with sport.

IPL could definitely be a contributing factor to the fatigue. BCCI must take blame for planning IPL so soon after the World Cup. Yes we expect players to have a call of conscience and forgo IPL for keeping fit.But IPL has also started becoming a platform of selection for the good or bad to the national team. Players should be given the confidence to forgo the IPL if it is going to affect fitness. But with so many conflicts in roles involving the chief selector himself I cannot see this happening.

I think the wise thing for BCCI to do is to exempt players playing for the country from IPL.Playing for the nation is lucrative enough for players to skip IPL.And it also throws opens the tournament for more youngsters and will make it more economical for the team owners also.


11 responses to “Too much made out of a loss…

  1. What is wrong in Kapil criticizing batsmen ? Don’t “Bowlers win you matches” but “Batsmen draw” in Cricket ? So if batsman have lived up to reputation we should have at least saved some matches.

    Other hand, no on thinks of dropping MSD but when was the last time he played a Prior like innings in tett ? and Kapil was dropped for that shot and MSD playerd 3-4 shots like ithat in this whole series.!

  2. Nothing wrong in anyone criticizing anyone. That’s the price of Democracy. But to make statements that batsmen like Sachin, Sehwag, Laxman dont talk to bowlers on field is plain ridiculous.Why is he targeting senior batsmen for poor bowling?
    Why should MSD be dropped? For winning the World Cup,T20 Cup and not losing a Test Series till date. For reviving a team and making them No.1 in Test and ODI.
    And nobody is supporting Gavaskar’s act of dropping Kapil for a single shot.

  3. i also agree this is not all bowler fault , in batting line up only rahul did his bite every one else collapse .

  4. some of the issues are:

    Zaheer apparently showed up for the tour with a ponch ; totally not match fit. How can he bowl 20 overs in a day ? Bad professionalism on Zaheer.

    If sehwag was not ready, it would have been ok to persist with Mukund, Jaffer, as opener, even if they failed.

    Harbhajan is on a decline. Mishra is bowling half-tracker every over. It would have better to go with Ojha or Ashwin. This was a selection blunder. Amit Mishra was pretend as a good bowler for the weaklin WI.

    Suresh Raina is a mystery, not fit for test matches on bouncing pitches.

  5. i think we need to not depend to much on our batsman . we also have to produce fast bowlers like pakistan and west indies did .

  6. there is no Nathan Lyon in India ??
    a gutsy selection by Australia.

  7. Harinee, Great post mate

    This one goes to all you cricket fans, i would really love to get your take on this new “hall of fame 2.0″ project

  8. this tour is becoming an embarassment … write about this !

  9. Liked your take on performance in IPL being a parameter for selection. Indeed, that cannot be a yardstick in measuring a player’s true worth. Here are my 2 cents on the English rout of the Indian team

  10. I agree, based on just one series that 2u after winning 1 world cup, making judgement would be wrong, but having said that it is necessary to analyze why this happened.

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