Cloud Cuckoo Land

Based on a conversation between @sdayanand and @achettup

A ‘go-kart‘ once ‘flipped‘ over a cuckoo’s nest,
And the frightened ‘bird‘ flew away.
While the ‘fast go-kart drivers‘ were just ‘disappointed‘,
The ‘bird’ was thoroughly ‘embarrassed‘.

But then, the battle-hardened drivers had been around the block a few times,
For them, ‘age was only a number‘.
And with them, a ‘knee-jerk‘ ‘goodbye‘ would be unnecessary.
But, a ‘deep point‘ had already been made…

Alas and Alack! The real challenge was for those watching,
Who needed to be ‘mentally strong‘ and overcome a ‘mental block‘.
For, at 5am, although the ‘time wasn’t right‘,
They needed to be ‘Keyboard Saints‘.

All along, the ‘Bird complained‘ that
The ‘verbal abuse‘ had been thoroughly unnecessary.
Yet, he did get to a landmark, and when he did,
He ‘flipped‘ it and spoke of mothers and sisters!

In the end though, the last laugh was on the bird,
The Go-Kart remained ‘unlucky‘ and we were informed,
That in (some) cloud cuckoo land,
The argument/bird might circle in, on a ‘rank turner‘.

— Mohan

3 responses to “Cloud Cuckoo Land

  1. This is quite revealing – a must read for all those BCCI bashers about their stance on DRS – – coming straight from the Preseident to be for ICC. None of the technology is reliable and agreed so by all the Boards including CA. The current technology is not aiding the on field umpires but make them look silly and stupid even when they get it right but technology says not so. Wake up Channel 9 team and the rest of the western world!!

  2. Another one from the cuckoo land—Shewag makes 219 in his last ODI—gets dropped by Dhoni for the next ODI—in Melbourne—oops! Rested!!!!
    It has to be payback time—-instead of drawing first blood against the inexperienced Aussies —and the result shows.

  3. It is known that many species are brood parasites laying their eggs in another bird species nest. To which species this cuckoo belongs? I mean the one with the nest.

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