BCCI’s criticism-tolerance and the role of critics…

By Mohan Krishnamoorthy (@mohank)

There is much to dislike about the BCCI… there is much to like about Harsha Bhogle

The bully

I am not a fan of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) or of the way it functions. Many journalists, writers and opinion-makers (I will use these terms interchangeably to mean “opinion influencers”) around the world appear convinced that the BCCI is a self-serving organisation that does not have the best interests of either world cricket and/or (sadly) Indian cricket.

This might be an inaccurate view. This might be a view that is highly unfair on BCCI. However, it is a view. And there appears to be a growing number of people in the world who hold this view.

When writers from around the world express their strong anti-BCCI views, they often need to brace themselves for a subsequent attack from a (largely) Indian fan base. This often includes a trivialising — either of them or of their views — by millions of cricket fans from India who think that this criticism of the BCCI is equivalent to a criticism of India. Many of these critics are easily (and lazily) labelled as racist by the chest-thumping flag-bearers. We can only cringe when these critics are attacked mercilessly in the comments section of the anti-BCCI articles they write. India and the BCCI cannot be criticized.

Some of these opinion makers from around the world are possibly wrong (at worst) or ill-informed (at best) in their criticism of the BCCI. Many of them are, in my view, right.

There is much to dislike about the BCCI.

The BCCI, rightly or wrongly, has an image of a ‘world cricket bully that goes around throwing its weight and thumping tables’. Some of this perception is justified. Some of it is about the “old world” worrying that the “new world” will use its new found power tastelessly and wrongfully.

However, perceptions have a way of becoming realities.

My perception is that the BCCI worries about money more than it does, about the state of the game; that the BCCI worries more about the size of its coffers than about how it is perceived by the rest of the cricketing world; that the BCCI concentrates more on the power that comes from the money it generates than it does about using that money to develop the game; that the BCCI thinks about the monetary value of the broadcast contracts it signs more than the quality of the broadcast; that the BCCI thinks more of the size of its audience viewership-base than it does about the audience itself; that the BCCI worries more about the fans that it has today than it does about caring for the sustainability of the game; that the BCCI worries more about today than it does about tomorrow; that the BCCI constantly plays victim than it does leader; that the BCCI craves praise more than it tolerates criticism.

The undeniable fact is that the BCCI is the most powerful member of the international cricket fraternity. It provides the ICC with more than 60% of its revenues. With that comes power. As a prominent and respected Australia-based writer once said (by email): “Of course, it is not BCCI’s fault that they have power at the world cricket table. Nor is to their credit!”

What I would like to see from the BCCI is that they use that power sensibly; that they show exemplary leadership. What I would like to see from them is an open, accountable and transparent organization that shows the world how cricket ought to be run. There were many things wrong about the way the English Cricket Board , in collusion with Cricket Australia, ran the game of cricket in the period leading up to 1990. In the early-90s the BCCI accidentally bumped into a television contract. The world of cricket changed. Irrevocably.

The past wrongs are undeniable. However, the BCCI has an opportunity now to show how the game ought to be run differently; an opportunity that BCCI is, in my view, ruining.

Critics, journalists and opinion-makers

So, it has to be the responsibility of Indian journalists to question, explore, attack, inquire and constantly seek honesty, integrity, accountability and transparency from the BCCI.

However, we also know that most journalists and opinion makers in India will find it hard — no, make that almost impossible — to be critical of (or take a stand against) BCCI. The organisation controls accreditation, passes, access and hence, the privileges that journalists enjoy. There are few independent voices in Indian cricket — voices that do not care about either access or privilege. And without access and privileges, a journalist is as useful to cricket as slurry is to shoes. The BCCI runs cricket in India like a feudal landlord would, his/her land. Access and privilege are traded for good press and praise.

It is impossible for critical views to be aired in an environment like this. Some respectable voices are paid by the BCCI — we know of at least two such cases. Good press can be (and is) purchased. Good press can be purchased for cash; lots of it.

I cannot think of anyone other than Kapil Dev and Bishen Bedi who have, in recent times, criticized the BCCI openly. The former was ‘disenfranchised’ as a result of his ICL involvement. The latter seeks no favors or privileges and has always been his own man. The rest dabble in nothing but banal clichés and platitudes.

Enter Harsha Bhogle

It is impossible for even a respected and learned voice — like Harsha Bhogle (for example) — to be harshly critical of the BCCI. Even if the criticism is accurate, justified and backed up with significant analysis/data, it is almost a foregone conclusion that such critical opinion will be dealt with the same equanimity as a hand would, an irritant mosquito. The hand that feeds just cannot be tarnished. Clarity and objectivity become the loser.

Harsha Bhogle is a respected and responsible commentator. He has contributed strongly and with remarkable integrity, over a 20 year period, as one of the most learned, mature and responsible voices in Indian cricket. He is an inspiration to a generation of aspiring sports journalists, TV anchors and TV commentators in India. One such aspiring young journalist and TV anchor once said to me that his career objective was to be “The next Harsha Bhogle”. He was inspired by this simply-stated, challenging goal.

Today, Bhogle is to commentary what Sachin Tendulkar is to batting. Just as it is impossible to imagine an Indian team without Tendulkar, it is impossible to imagine a commentary box without Bhogle in it. He is the “go to” person when Indian cricket sound-bytes are required by the BBC or the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). And rightly so. His body of work precedes him. His body of work speaks of passion and suggests vast knowledge, tremendous impact and signifcant contribution. He is an honourable man.

A tête-à-tête with Harsha Bhogle

I got into a brief (and somewhat heated) tête-à-tête with Bhogle on Twitter a few days ago (Sunday 13 May 2012). The exchange was captured by Nicole Sobotker.

It was an exchange and not a debate or an argument, for Twitter does not provide the proponents with either the time or space for engaging in genuine understanding — leave alone augmentation — of perspective or context. However, it appeared as though it was an argument. For the sake of this piece, I will call it a debate.

The debate stemmed from an article in the Times of India. In it, Anil Kumble raised questions on India’s dismal overseas Test record in 2011-12. The report, quite alarmingly, stated that the BCCI is “likely to” request the Team India coach to submit a report on the dismal record. So let us get this right. The coach’s report has not been submitted. The report has not been requested. The report may not be requested. It is only “likely” that a report may be asked for.

Bhogle reacted to the above report with surprise. He wrote, “so anil kumble is told duncan fletcher will submit a report after his vacation. this is may, the last of 8 tests lost was in january”.

Extremely valid. But hardly surprising. In the intervening period, we had a few ODIs and immediately after that, the IPL distraction commenced. It distracted BCCI from 0-8. It distracted the players from 0-8. I believe it may have distracted Bhogle too from 0-8.

I responded to Bhogle saying that the article was hardly surprising to me considering that everyone that ought to care (including him) “have been busy with the utterly draining madness called the IPL”.

Bhogle asked if everything he had “said in England and Australia while the Tests were on is (now) forgotten.”

Evidently, yes!

The BCCI, who need to listen, had forgotten, The IPL is their balm. It enables them to forget. It enables cricketers to forget. It enables fans to forget. It enables “serious voices” in the media to forget.

In my view, it is not sufficient for the voice of cricket to make a few noises while the whipping took place in England and Australia, and to assume that the responsibility of the voice was, as a result, over. The noise that was made, then, has clearly had no impact whatsoever. So either Bhogle needs to carry out an introspection and assessment of the impact, weight, carry and strength of his voice or assume that it is not enough to shout once and sit back. In India, and especially with the BCCI, it is necessary to keep shouting till you are heard.

That is only if one wants to see change; if one wants to make a difference; if one wants to use the unenviable position — that one has worked assiduously hard for — to good effect. Bhogle considers himself a “serious voice”.

A serious voice cares about impact; about making a difference; about being more than a ‘caller’ of the game.

Bhogle did write with pain and anguish in January about how India needs to overhaul — not merely tweak — its cricket system. He also made a suggestion of a 12-team Ranji Trophy.

With the BCCI though, it is not enough to declare the pain of a 0-8 whipping once or twice during the whipping. Any commentator would do that. Several did. One who cares and one who has a body of work that is accumulated over a period of 20 years should look beyond the whipping and relentlessly seek change. The fact that nothing happened subsequent to the whipping and the subsequent anguish expressed by Bhogle is a suggestion that Indian cricket does not need or admit even a respectable voice like Bhogle’s!

Then, either through boredom or expectations from his employers or loss of personal passion or an air of defeatism (or a combination of the above), Bhogle himself seems to have moved on from the pain of 8-0 to making somewhat banal observations on fitness comparisons across teams, Kohli’s next big challenge, Tendulkar’s 100th 100 burden (obligatory) and retirement timing of great players. Since that series of observations, Bhogle donned his IPL hat and unleashed on us a series of IPL-related articles: whether the IPL will be the “big ticket”, an IPL-5 wishlist (in which he declares, “the IPL will have to survive and blossom as a cricket tournament”), on why Test cricket is not the only cricket, and whether the switch-hit is kosher.

As Shyam Sundararaman says in this piece on Bhogle, “he rarely takes a stance on issues of not(e).”

I am not sure whether I would agree with that. However, in my exchange with him, Bhogle asked if 10 years or 15 years of service are not good enough. He claimed that it is “easy to throw darts a people without realising they’ve been and are serious voices.”

My point is simple: If after 15 years of service, the pain and anguish expressed by the “serious voice” of Bhogle in January leads us to a situation in May where it is only “likely” that the BCCI will ask for a report from Duncan Fletcher, clearly one of the following three observations are right: (a) Bhogle’s is not a serious voice, (b) the BCCI does not care about Bhogle’s voice or any “serious” voice, however serious it might be, (c) Given that we are dealing with the BCCI, Bhogle needs to be even more serious about his voice for even him to consider it as serious enough.

I am convinced (a) is wrong. Bhogle is the serious voice in Indian cricket. The answer, I suspect, lies somewhere between (b) and (c).

The IPL bandwagon

I do not care if Bhogle or anyone else applauds the IPL. Irrespective of the seriousness (or otherwise of his voice) it is his choice to celebrate it. And he does. It is my choice to scorn the IPL. And I do.

It is, in my view, a decadent chest thump; an entertainment package that makes us forget the 8-nil drubbing. In my view, it has no context or relevance. For example, I have watched almost all games in IPL-1, many games in IPL2 and a few in IPL3. Yet, I can’t remember a single game other than that game in Dharmasala in which M. S. Dhoni hit the winning runs off the last ball. Yet when I mention the numbers 97 or 241, everyone knows what I am talking about.

But, I digress…

A review of Indian cricket

It is Bhogle’s choice to celebrate the IPL. However, if he really cares about Indian cricket and felt the pain of the 0-8 loss, the responsible thing to do would have been to continually hammer for a review of what went wrong; to demand what came of Aakash Chopra’s review of domestic cricket; to demand an Argus style review of Indian cricket.

Within weeks of the second successive Ashes loss in 2010, Australian journalists demanded a review. They were all over Cricket Australia like a rash. Cricket Australia (CA) listened. It went ahead and constituted a review committee with clear and agreed terms of reference. The Argus Review process was initiated. It was a review of Australian cricket and covered everything from domestic competitions, player payments, CA governance, coaching structure, selection committee functioning, etc. It was comprehensive.

Such a review might work for Australia. Something similar may never work in India. That is not the point. The point is that serious voices demanded a review. Serious voices continued to demand a review until it was conducted. The Argus Review recommendations are now being implemented.

Such a review may be impossible — or even unnecessary — in India. With the BCCI what you get is a serious series of ‘closed-door meetings’ held by ‘think-tanks’. And when explanations/clarifications are sought for certain decisions, what you may get is a bullish roadside scrap in which the BCCI official barks, “Boss, you just shut up ok”, “chuppal se horthenga”, “googly dalenga”, “ungli karenga” and a clutch of other obscene profanities.

Monopsony and the market argument

But the BCCI can do bullish. It has the money. It has the power. It has no absolute necessary for accountability — to either the Government or to players or fans. It can unleash a national selector on us who says “boss you just shut up ok”.

The BCCI is a monopoly. Sorry, it is a monopsony.

In an imperfect market, the BCCI is a single buyer — that operates though a license bestowed on it by the ICC — with many sellers (resources). These sellers of resources includes the players, TV companies, and “serious voices” that are somewhat dependent on BCCI ‘handouts’. The landlord may take back what he giveth if the respondents do not queue up appropriately. The dictator can specify what (s)he wants to do because these resources are dependent on the unique buyer of their services. One is either in the queue or not.

Which is why the “market” argument for justifying the IPL is as banal as the IPL itself! If we want to see the BCCI and the IPL operate in perfect market conditions, we need to have the IPL operate alongside the now-defunct ICL (or an equivalent)! Only then will we know whether resources, commentators and fans prefer the IPL over the ICL (or its equivalent)!

The critical role of serious critics

Given the market in which it operates, it is necessary for the BCCI to use its power appropriately — both externally (at the ICC table) as well as internally (in developing the game, its structures, its TV contracts and its resources). I have no hope that this will happen in a cogent, clearly articulated and transparent manner.

In the absence of such hope, what is required is a bevvy of serious voices that ask tough questions. It is insufficient if such questions are asked once and forgotten. These voices need to ask tough questions repeatedly. They need to demand to be at the review table. They need to be at the review table, making changes that will have a long-term impact. They should not be surprised over 5 months of inactivity. They should expect it and seek change; not by applauding the switch hit but by demanding a switch in priorities. They have to explore why the slide commenced with a fatigue-induced handshake at Dominica and whether the craziness of IPL-4 had a role to play in it. They should ask hard questions about the long-term health of the domestic game, for however much they applaud the richness of the IPL, the long-term resources are going to come from domestic cricket.

The “serious voice” must be, simultaneously, a critic, an ombudsman and a watchdog, where there are no explicit requirements for either of these roles. The “serious voice” must make up for the collective failure of the organisation that controls the game. This is a high expectation. It is my expectation of a “serious voice” in Indian cricket. It is an expectation that is, sadly, unmet.

It is my hope that I have not offended Mr Harsha Bhogle or his ilk. He believes his is a serious voice. It is. But we need to hear it. Not once, but repeatedly. We need to hear other voices too. For otherwise we will continue to be surprised if a review is only “likely” to be requested of a coach who presided over an 8-0 drubbing.

— Mohan

Ps: Although this blog post talks specifically about Mr Harsha Bhogle, it is intended as a request to all “serious voices” that care about Indian cricket.

52 responses to “BCCI’s criticism-tolerance and the role of critics…

  1. Very well articulated and balanced. However, pessimist in me says that we will never have an independent voices in main stream media / commentary box unless BCCI ceases to be the monopsony, as you mentioned here. Not only BCCI honchos run the game as their personal fiefdom, they revel in it and do everything in their power to shield themselves from any scrutiny by terming themselves as a “Private body”.

    We agree that for independent voices to flourish or even for critics to speak their mind and their voices to be heard, BCCI needs to be accountable. But to whom? the government? Which has a stellar record to run everything it manages into ground. The poor state of govt. run sport bodies are a testimony to that. Supreme court did pass a ruling to the effect that officials of BCCI, affiliates are public servants, (http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-02-01/india/28379336_1_kerala-cricket-association-indian-cricket-team-prevention-of-corruption-act) However, over a year later, nothing positive has come out of this for the common cricket fan in India. We continue to eat staple diet of subtle hints here and there, but no strong opinions in mainstream media.

    • Good point. Who are they accountable to? To the fans, their resources, the ICC, the world game, best practice benchmarks and to themselves. They need to be perceived as responsible citizens of world cricket. How do you measure this? One way, perhaps, is through surveys. To the best of my knowledge, the BCCI does not ask for opinions. It just does its stuff and cares little about how it is perceived. It is the way it is… Not great IMO.

  2. Mohan, Thanks for the post. Please do keep writing frequently on i3j3.
    Re the post, I can understand your dislike of BCCI but even if Harsha Bhogle shouts loud and does it regularly, I don’t think BCCI will care. IMO Harsha is a great writer and commentator. I don’t think he can influence BCCI to take any decisions. On the other hand Gavaskar though he is not an independent voice is powerful enough to ask questions. And what about senior cricketers like Sachin, Dravid, Laxman and other retired players like Manjrekar and Ganguly. Aren’t they all great Test players and aren’t they the best to fight for Test Cricket over IPL. IIRC it was Sachin who recommended MSD’s name to Mr.Pawar for the Team India captaincy. If such decisions could be taken by seniors why not they talk about the status of India’s bowling It took 4 months for Kumble to ask for a report and I am not sure when it will be submitted. It is important that these players should care about Indian Cricket and feel the pain of 8-0 loss. Then they can make a difference.

    • I do believe people with an influential voice need to have independent views and express them. Sadly, there are few serious independent voices in Indian cricket. We have a lot of people who crack silly jokes and say shaayaris though.

  3. Why would the BCCI would take the views of Harsha (regarded as a spokesman for the people) seriously when they do not take the audiences seriously to begin with.

    Their response to the 2007 WC crash out was to fix the problems of the broadcasters by giving them an annual money spinner in the IPL. Poor bench/crowded schedule, not even addressed.
    I do not understand Mukul Kesavan’s polished disgust of T20, why a format of cricket altered to be accessible to more fans is an abomination. But I do agree on his points on the crass packaging of the IPL and your view on the function it has come to serve as a distraction.

  4. I think I may have come up with the best analogy for all IPL haters
    IPL:Uncapped talent::Satyamev jayate:Social Issues. The only way to get noticed.

    PS: Thalarokzzzzz

  5. Very nicely put and an extremely thoughtful article. Hard hitting and balanced too in acknowledging the good and the bad of people/BCCI. Amongst the writers in the media (print and electronic) only Sharda Ugra has been consistently vocal in identifying problems, issues in Ind cricket. Agree that the time for articles that made the superficial IPL cool aid to taste bitter is now. Don’t know why Cricinfo doesn’t have her write more now. But agree that the drum needs to be beaten loudly and consistently. Well done!

  6. Hi Mohan,
    I largely agree with Sathish’s comments.

    At the outset, let me confess that I consider myself a friend of Harsha’s & an admirer. Whilst, I fully agree with you that shrill, persistent voices need to be raised to embarass the BCCI into really listening (not just hearing), I believe that it is just not Harsha’s style. Subtlety is his forte. If he was a surgeon he would perform blood-less surgery. That is the kind of gentle, kind bloke he is. I know cricket aficianados “maange more” and want him to be “the voice” but we must respect the fact that he feels and hurts as much as you and I do but has a different, less strident way of dealing with it.

    Our despair needs to transgress from “the voice” to past greats of the game. Two of them have sold their souls. Dilip V is one who hasn’t but has been effectively check-mated in Bombay. Of Anil K, great things are expected. Will the system “get him” in the end? I hope not as that would be a tragedy. But, he sure needs to speak up NOW. And not just within, because he will get stifled but outside of the BCCI so that our crazy media can for a change sensationalise something which might shame/embarass the Ivory Tower dwellers into some action….
    If the articulate greats of Indian cricket are silenced or choose to be silent, then we might as all follow hockey.

    • Hi Darshak,

      Nice to hear from you mate. Hope you are well.

      I do not believe the BCCI even hears (forget listening). I agree that it is not Bhogle’s style to beat the drums loudly. Subtlety was his choice and chosen path at a time when he was *constructing* his career. He is at a stage when he must use his significant voice to demand and influence change. Such change cannot be accomplished through pain-induced verses in January followed by an expression of surprise in May when nothing has happened. Nothing will. I know that. He knows that too, I am sure! One has to continue to attack relentlessly — even if through subtle means. Otherwise expression of pain-surprise is an all-care-no-responsibility mode of operation. To use your surgeon analogy, the pain-surprise mode is nothing but an “operation successful, patient dead” approach. In other words, mine is a plea for him to shed his “gentle, kind bloke” image and relentlessly seek change; demand change; be the change. Otherwise his surprise at inactivity will be seen *by me* as the equivalent of crocodile tears that an all-care-no-responsibility bloke would shed.

      His feeling for (and hurt at) the situation is not being called into question, Darshak. It is clear that he cares deeply. I’d like him to translate that hurt/care into action. His approach is NOT working now. So yes, I believe I am calling for change; a more strident tone; for, good guys get marginalised.

      Former stars need to step up too. Two of them have sold out. Who knows how Kumble and Ganguly will turn out? Kumble’s first steps have been confused, conflicted and complicated, in my view. But I am hoping that that is an aberration.

      But dependence on former greats is not enough. We need strong independent voices to perform the role a critical ombudsman would. We have none. It is an unfair expectation I know. But it is mine!

      Happy to chat further.

      Ps: There is another issue. I will send email though…

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