India does not deserve Tendulkar!

As I watch this series, as I watched this team over the last 18 months or so, watch their insipid performance I get angrier and angrier. I don’t give a damn about the talent, artistry and all that crap. I am simply astounded, amazed and humbled to see the great man deal with all this. This team does not deserve him or for that matter the retired greats, VVS, Dravid, Ganguly and Kumble. India, with the presence of the fab five, have had to go through similar phases in their career more often than not. But they come out these troubled times as better cricketers, players with greater respect and dignity, and simply better human beings. There was humility in their acceptance of defeat, while at the same time, a visible resolve and determination to fight back and earn back the respect on the field through their performances. They were the greatest group of cricketers ever to have taken the field for India and none will compare ever. The greatest of them all continues to fight even as the world turns against him, runs on the field like every run stopped matters, no shortage of inspirational words to his pathetic and undeserving team mates. I wonder how he puts up with this group which seems to think that it can talk, moan, and whine its way out this phase. Oh and the BCCI joins the chorus too!

This Indian team is a cocky, arrogant, spoiled lot that seems to be complete in self denial. What a depressing contrast to the fab five. The color, texture, chemical properties, physical properties, moisture content, contaminant levels of the pitches, the ambient air, noise levels in the stadia, water quality in the pavilions seem to be winning formulae for this team. Humility in defeat, dignity in victories, application in play, focus in action all seem to be irrelevant and simply unnecessary to playing the game. I am getting tired of this “natural flair” in play and speech of Sehwag. He is irresponsible, childish and borderline asinine everytime he opens his mouth, his blade occasionally gives hope but that is diminishing too. Gautam Gambhir is better off in Indian army. Virat Kohli’s world cup speech may have brought a tear or two in the eye but that, on hindsight, seems more like a well rehearsed drama. His commitment to the longer version is still largely uncertain. Yuvraj Singh thinks he is constantly in a reality TV show. I don’t know what to make of MS Dhoni anymore. Zaheer Khan seems to give the impression that he is turning out for Shivaji Gymkhana or some charity event. Do we have spinners playing for India? I haven’t spotted any. Harbhajan Singh is better off forming a bhangra band with Sreesanth. That leaves us with Pujara, probably the only fellow on the team who is worthy of standing next to Tendulkar on an Indian test side for me. During their down time, some cricket players are known for their interest in making music in a dubstep studio.

I have never hated this game and this team as much in my 38 years of following Indian cricket and the members on the team barring the great man and maybe one or two more who are to blame. Thank god for Ranji Trophy. At least, there seems to be life in that form of the game after all. I believe that format was given a rebirth thanks to ideas emanating from guess who, members of the Fab Five!!!At least one of them remains on the field and two provide some sanity in the commentators box. I miss them already.

– Srikanth

10 responses to “India does not deserve Tendulkar!

  1. The HUNGER is missing because they are provided with crores of rupees from IPL that sets them for life and hence do not have to give ABSOLUTE and TOTAL commitment to representing India. Tendulkar is pride personified and hence his commitment to the game and country.

  2. LMAO! “Harbhajan Singh is better off forming a bhangra band with Sreesanth”. 🙂

    Jokes aside, I feel you, hear you, and agree with you. Even I don’t know what to make of MS Dhoni anymore. Seems to have lost that winning intent.

    Agreed with Gambhir, just makes a few runs here and there and suddenly gives huge speeches in the press conference, please!

    And then we have Sehwag, oh boy, loved his response yesterday: “Only God can save us”. God only saves those who help themselves, Viru! There was absolutely no need to play that shot on 49, if he had gone on to make a century we would’ve had hopes of winning this match.

    Pujara, it’s ok. You are still learning, but please tell Dhoni if you are more comfortable fielding at short-leg than first slip.

    Sachin……….. grr, you my friend with that gutsy 76, have shoved the critics off your back for the time. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to contribute for the next Test!

    Virat Kohli, just because you have been termed “India’s new Tendulkar” doesn’t mean you cant take every match lightly. Become serious (with the bat, not cursing) and focus on your shots. You played an irresponsible shot in the second innings.

    Yuvraj Singh, my dear, you are not meant for Tests. Please continue to provide your services for Pune Warriors India and when you are available (knowing your very busy schedule) please try to play for the real INDIA in ODIs and Tests. Not that there’s a guarantee you’ll be picked……

    Ashwin did well, escaped my wrath with that beautiful innings of 91*.

    Zak and Ishant, please go to the NCA in Bangalore for a year, train and come back. That’s all I can say. You are more of a burden than a help to us.

    Ojha, you did well.

    And that’s my take! (and my anger lol)

  3. In this test series all of the Indian player played very poor cricket. If they will not in form they cannot win the next match. I think they have the ability to bit England.

  4. I think the matter here is not whether the Indian team deserve the little master or not because the great legend Sachin have had his time and his moments and I think the time has come for him to retire and I think he hhas made a good decision by announcing his retirement at least from the ODIs .

  5. Dont even feel like watching upcoming series after hearing the selection today.Is there not a single bowler in the entire subcontinent to replace Harbhajan? Sehwag please retire no you can never be captain!
    Yuvraj you are not Lance Armstrong(even he has lost his glow)!

  6. Ghazali wafa Mobarakpur saharsa

    We should not forget the Legend but now days Indian Cricket Team wants a new cricketer like Sachin, Sachin should retire and give his company to Indian team.

  7. Ghazali wafa Mobarakpur saharsa

    We should Respect towards Sachin ,we proud on Sachin he gives us many World Record, how we are we should support Tendulkar in His bad form situation.

  8. sachin deserves a retirement

  9. Hello, Yes this is right that Indians don’t deserve Sachine Tendulkar. Bt who else deserve him. Even Sachin, too will never accept to play for other country. He is an Indian and will be. Immortal Sachin incredible India !!

  10. Well Sachin is such a good , talented and hardworking player .. i realy like it very much…

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