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Let’s hang out…

One wonderful thing about college hostel life was sitting down in front of a TV with friends and watching a cricket match (or any sport, for that matter). “There would be a buzz around the” room and everyone would be talking cricket  with their buddies. I had a bunch of close friends and we would talk on topics from Tikolo brothers to Kenya’s absence from cricket’s map while watching a World Cup game; or about Sachin Tendulkar’s advertisements from 1995 to 2005. We always turned to the TV in time and would swear, clap, cheer and yell depending on what happens on the ball.

We cared two hoots about the commentary. We were each other’s commentators. Especially when somebody was missing, attending classes. SMS was the thing back then. The man watching would send in updates every moment. Be it Ricky Ponting’s dismissal to Ishant Sharma, or Kobe Bryant’s game winner, or Wayne Rooney’s goal. That was the social media back then.

After college, we went our ways. Some took up a job. Some went abroad to study. We weren’t in the same place anymore to shout “Hey, look at this catch.” to hear your friend run in within 5 seconds from his room to watch the catch’s replay on TV. Now, we put up a post on Facebook and the other friend comes in 8 hours later and posts his view. It isn’t instant any more. Well, Twitter is more instant that way, but can’t talk at length out there either.

Oh hey! Google Plus Hangout is here!

I never thought I would say this. I was on Google Plus for a week, maybe, and then shut that down because it didn’t amuse me. So, it is really impressive that G+ is relevant today. I guess it had one thing other things didn’t – a video chat page. Something like Skype? I haven’t used Skype. You would know better. I have heard from friends abroad that they hold chat sessions on Skype and/or Google Plus Hangouts.

Recently, cricket junta has suddenly started using the Hangout and it has become a trend. People use that as a medium to discuss what has happened during the day’s play, or while looking ahead to a game, or just to talk about a game when it is going on. Like an interactive ball-by-ball. That is brilliant use of technology! Now you can see each other face to face and talk about the game. You are miles apart, but you can still watch your buddy wince as you rile him up about his team’s performance. You can share virtual hi-fives, till your PC screen falls down.

Here is “Couch Batcheet”, hosted by Mr. Subash Jayaraman, who hosts his friends to discuss (more) cricket that is going on or coming soon. –

That was the first one that caught my eye.

Yesterday, I saw two more of them on ESPN cricinfo :-

The IPL Huddle, where the ESPN-Cricinfo members come together to talk IPL during(/before?)/after the game –

Of course, when there is IPL, there should be County Cricket to  balance the universe. Right? Here is Vithushan Ehantharajah hosting One Man And His Pod to sum up a round of County Cricket Championship along with ESPN Cricinfo contributors from England –

And this morning, I discovered The Cricket Club  hosted by Stuart MacGill and Damien Martyn with other guests on air while they talk cricket at length –

Watch each of them, for you might like at least one of them. Each has its own flavour, its own style and its own purpose. And it gets more information through in very little time, thanks to the format and technology.

We seem to have moved on from print to audio to video. And right now, this is just a few people talking cricket and presenting to the world. I believe it can simply spark an idea among you and your friends to run a chat session while a game is going on. One practical difficulty with that would be trying to watch the game and the hangout at the same time, all the time. You will figure out how to get past that, anyway.

Come, let’s hang out for a game…